Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A dark beginning

So let's go for it. For the moment I'll be posting my old stuff, until I get some regularity and begin to show current works. Maybe I'll alternate old and new minis, let's see how this works.

First of all, here there is some Warhammer 40,000. Classic old minis, these are from Space Crusade board game. Plastic figurines with all the old taste from the first eras of this universe.

They are relatively fine detailed for that time, and make perfect Chaos Legionnaires, here depicted as Black Legion members. As you can see there is no big deal painting them. Black and gold match pretty well in these models. The only trick I used was painting the metal parts in Mithril Silver first before painting gold on it. It works specially fine for big surfaces and it helps to give more cohesion to the colour.

This one is the boss:

I added the pistol and chainsword in order to use him as a Chaos Champion and to look more like the rest of the army. No other remarkable points on this one.

This guy got some green stuff work. Not my best job at all, but I did it many years ago. This... thing pretended to be a plasma gun:

Well, I tried.

These other guys are metal minis from the first releases in the early years of Games Workshop. I used them also as Black Legionnaires:

Probably if I got my hands on them today I'd do something different, but at that moment I thought it was a good idea. Besides the legendary Thunder Armour Mk.I you can see other weird armours. The funny cyclops:

The guy with energized breathers (well, doesn't make sense, but it looked cool):

And the boss of this bunch, the man with the ridiculously big back banner:

The banner is paper made. I first painted the warm colors in a degradate from red to yellow. When this was made, I began to paint the black parts making that strange debris pattern. I finally painted the spiked eye white symbol. Little big damn work, but it looks fine in the end (apart from the size, I mean).

With the years I changed the eye symbol on other minis of this army, but I never changed what I had painted, so it remained like this. I finally sold these minis to a friend last year, so I don't have the opportunity to change it any more (unless he reads this and thinks it's a good idea, wich I hope he doesn't, hehehe). I'll show you the symbol I'm talking about in next posts.
Hope you like the old tiny chaotic men.

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