Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lovely black shoebox

On this particular Black Legion monograph there was still one thing missing. Tanks!
My style has (fortunately) evolved with years. One of my first tanks for this army was this horrendous Predator Tank:

Okay, let's avoid the comments about the photo. Or the tank itself...
 The only remarkably funny thing about this tank is the system for the side weapons. I just built cages to fit in both sides with plastic sprues and some kind of mosquito net. There is a Marine gunner in each cage. Yeah, of course it's grotty, I know. I just can say I built it looong years ago. I think the concept is still useful, but if I were going to do this again I would try anything different in order to give it a better looking final aspect.

Anyway, this wasn't the main tank I wanted to show you, it just happened that I found that photo and it occured to me that I could share it. All the evolution thing I was saying refers to this other tank, an ancient Mk.I Land Raider:

Slightly different from the current model
Pretty old model that I repainted following the scheme that I was talking about the other day. Just black and yellow, nothing about golden trims, spikes or anything like that.

Lovely squatty shoebox
Though the current GW model is far better than this old one (its lines, details, everything), it still has "something" that appeals me. I curiously find this tank beautiful. No doubt it's again plain nostalgia, but I cannot avoid it. It reminds me when I discovered the game and its rough lines and setting, long time ago.

Still on the road
 I've tried my best to keep it in good shape and to bring in the golden aura of those old days. This model still gets that impression.
BTW, in case you're asking, no, I didn't sell this one with the rest of the army, I couldn't do it. It's still at home awaiting its moment to come back to a table. Anytime, my precioussss, anytime...


  1. I love your inventive, which can be seen in things like the sponsors for the Predator. :)

  2. Thank you very much! I really don't know what was I thinking of when I made it, it's more Mad Max than Warhammer, but I think it still works. Anytime (not) soon I'll develop the much more better looking "Cage 2.0" :)