Friday, 11 January 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Bloody Reaver

The second ship of this game can hardly have that name. The Bloody Reaver is a monumental shipwreck with a castle on top. Its a baroque composition worthy of  John Blanche's most inspired sketches. As I did with the Heldenhammer, the first step is painting all the pieces:

Yes, this is a ship
Once we believe this abomination can even float, we begin to put the pieces altogether step by step. We have to glue the masts, so it will be more difficult later to set the rigging :-/

Still amazed by the details in these minis
Let's start with the thread. First of all, the jibs:

They're fixed to stone!
How the hell do you pretend to sail with this?
Then the rest of the sails:

Magic naval engineering allows these to work
We set the fore-topsail riggings wherever we can. Don't be too fusspot:

Its a saling castle with vampires aboard, don't try logic
Do the same with the mainsail:

At least it looks dready
Again, do the same with the mizzen topsail (or whatever it is this sail):

You get the risk of going nuts with this rigging
It's important not to set this sail's port side rigging, as it would interfere with the next one:

Nice spanker. I'm getting fond of nautical terms
The final result should look something like this:

Vampire pirates. The concept is simply great
This ship truly is a pain in the ass, the rigging is pretty complicated. But well, doesn't look so bad in the end.

While sticking threads all over, I painted the sea monsters:

They have a real Ray Harryhausen flavour
So this was the second ship of the game. With these two you can play the introductory game. I've already did it, so I'll see if I post it before continuing with more ships...


  1. Como ya te dije en su día, y citando a Forges: "Wonderfulloso!" :)

  2. ¡Gracias! El lunes pondré definitivamente nuestra partida y mis impresiones sobre el juego.
    (Next monday I'll post the introductory battle and my impressions on the game)