Monday, 21 January 2013

Painting Dreadfleet: Seadrake

Back to painting warships!

Today, the Elven Seadrake. As you already know the drill, I'll go a little bit faster. First of all, paint the pieces:

The masts are towers, yes. Elvish craftsmanship...
Let's begin with the rigging.

These stayes are orientative. As usual, don't bother too much with ship engineering
I'm not sure what's Smaug doing on the stern of a ship full of Elves
The sails should look something like this:

Beware. Glueing threads can be tricky, specially on the corners
Then set the sails onto the masts:

Almost finished
Last details:

Rigging from the sails to the deck, just to the base of the masts

Looks better than I imagined at the beginning
Finally, the auxiliar dragon:

Smaug's cousin
Ready to sail! I wonder if this ship ever tied up at the Grey Havens. Oh, wait, that's not from Warhammer universe...

I hope you like this project!


  1. Very nice work, what to go make these boats?

  2. Thank you, Vincent :)
    These ships are a challenge for real. I've been always keen on having "different" minis, almost obsessed to produce distinct figurines. Beeing a wargamer (though not a really active one), I've always tried to have the army that no one else has. Little bit pretentious, maybe, but it's worth it a try ;)
    This game hasn't been well received by gamers, but well, I'd like to think that my ships make it a little more appealing...