Thursday, 31 January 2013

Speed drawing: Fringe

A drawing bonus today, for a total change.
Not a good one at all, but it is what has come up lately.

Now that the Fringe series show has ended, inspiration came to me this way. It was a total speed drawing, so don't be too strict on me.

Piano music playin in your mind
Yes, I know, the art is totally poor. On my defense I can only say that I drew it during an incredibly painfully boring conference I had to attend. I was sitting on a discrete seat by the end of the hall and I couldn't resist the impulse of doing something with the paper and pen I was provided. Hence the awful 'Massive Dynamics' logo, the absurd expression of the Observer or the stain on the circle while trying to make the Fringe Division patch.

The scene makes reference to some moment along the Third (maybe Fourth?) season, the most interesting part of the show in my opinion. I'll give you no spoilers, but if you have seen the series, you would know what's all this about and, if you haven't, maybe you should give it a try.

The drawing needs shadows all over, but that's all I had time to do during the conference (I will say no more about it in order to not giving myself away :P).
As it's a simple sheet of paper I don't dare to colour it with acrylics, but maybe if I find the courage, I could try to colour it digitally (I'm afraid my skills with Photoshop are absolutely non-existent).

Well, after this strange interlude, I promise a mini next time...

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