Thursday, 9 May 2013

Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thandruil

Here we have another member of the Fellowship of the Ring, by Knightmodels again. The Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas.

The blind Elf

This miniature is superbly sculpted, as usual, but is is a real challenge, as its pose is very, very dynamic. That makes the set a little unstable if you are not a little careful. You have to put some work on the base to make sure it's completely safe for the mini and it's not going to wobble. The whole mini is a little bit heavy, so it can unbalance (and eventually fall down!) if the base does not properly fit a flat surface.

Yup, my dad is an Elf who rides an elk. Problem?
As you can see by the shoulderpads and the sword, the mini depicts Legolas at Helm's Deep (new problem for my Fellowship timeline continuity, sigh)

Fortunately, he is not shield-skating

The mini is great and I have no doubt it is accurate to film production pics. However, I see some problems about shooting a bow the way he's doing. Position of the arms and bow, that kind of things. But hey, the mini is cool, that's part of cinema laws!

My hairstyle is great
I added some thread to mimic the bowstring, but once again you have to be careful when assembling the model, as you will have to glue the thread to the lower part of the bow, glue the bow to the wrist and then go on with the rest.

So that's it, we have four members of the Fellowship now. Who will be released next?


  1. Great work on this , really good !

  2. Thank you! This one was tricky, but it's worth it!

  3. Un trabajo fantástico Suber, un saludo.

  4. Gran trabajo! Te ha quedado muy, muy guapa.

  5. ¡Muchas gracias! Las figuras de Knightmodels son muy agradecidas, es un gustazo ponerse con ellas :)