Monday, 8 July 2013

Old scent of Chaos

Just some few creatures of old, Warhammer demons.

Tzeentch, besides being quite tricky to spell, is the demon god of deception and trickery. The servants of this god show ambition for knowledge, secrets and perpetual motion and change in all its ways.

These Tzeentch demons are probably the most delirious insane design from all the ranges from those ages. Sculpted by Kev Adams, the so called 'Horrors' had some really funny rules.

Gollum's Chaos cousins
  Pink Horrors march into battle emerging from warp holes in reality. But when a Pink Horror is 'killed' (well, if that's the correct verb), it begins to twist and writhe, suddenly looking to split up into two smaller creatures, two Blue Horrors which take the place of the first demon. So the confident opponent believing to have killed an enemy, suddenly has to face two more!
Pink Horror. Yes, it is a horror. And it is pink
Warped Tony Manero
He left a promising future in baseball in favour of scaring children all over the galaxy
The most horrible things here are my photos, as usual. The minis have much more depth and richness in colours.

But let's go for a change. If Tzeentch is the demon god of knowledge and change, Nurgle is the demon god of rotten decay, death and stillness. Patient erosion, illness and plagues are the banners of Nurgle. These Beasts show it perfectly:

Gigantic warped putrid slugs
Medusa's pet
Don't even know if there are current rules for this. Don't think so
Notice that these are not 25mm bases as in the Horrors, but 40mm ones. These guys are big. I painted the bases not just in plain flat earth, but with dark colours surrounding the Beast, showing that Chaos presence is so strong that even earth itself rottens at its path.

I repeated the idea with these Nurglins, the smallest demons of Nurgle, attacking in nasty packs (Packs? Flocks? Ahh, groups, whatever)

Sooo tiny and adorable
Here the earth rotting effect is easier to see.

If you remember, when storytelling was part of this game and you were looking for action stories told with minis (not just killer combos to win whatever you win here), Tzeentch and Nurgle couldn't fight in the same side, as they were totally opposed (change/stillness). Only extreme circumstances could make them put their differences aside, and even then they could spend as much time fighting each other as fighting the supposed common enemy!

I have lots of Chaos demons belonging to all different gods, but I have repainted these recently. I'll try to bring here all the other ones.

Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. Fantastic work! I love the evil gaze of your beasts.

  2. I have been charmed with this beast of the rottenness!!! Good work Suber. A greeting.

  3. Good look very funny this models , great paint Suber .

  4. Thanks pals! :)
    I had a nostalgia attack and this was the first thing that came to mind to repaint, I was in need of a break of painting Orks.
    I'm finishing the Ork project (for the moment), so I'll be moving onto other things :).