Monday, 22 July 2013

Space Marine Rapture

OK, pun intended with the title ;). I'm showing you one of my Space Marines armies, the Chapter of the Raptors. Unlike most of the other Chapters, Raptors believe in stealth, camouflage, cover and all this kind of things other Marines just seem to disregard with their garish liveries and tactics. I had long time desired to paint some Space Marines with this 'regular military looking', taking back from the past those times when these armies used to have the 'Chapter colour' and different camouflage patterns.
So I did a colour test:

Mk. VIII 'Errant' pattern Armour
And I did like it!
So I ended up having the following:

Tactical Squad. Just the one from the Black Reack box, with some work on the Sergeant:

Ooops, this photo really sucks
A second Tactical Squad, using minis from here and there. A few really old RT minis here:

Mixed up with modern minis
A Devastator Squad:

I ran out of missile launchers, I had to use one from Space Crusade
This is a Veteran Squad ('Sternguard' are they called? 'Vanguard Veterans'? Oh, I'm a mess with new names):

Another mix of minis
More Veterans
Two special cases in this Squad:
Wait, I have a Power Fist, why am I kicking this guy?
As I didn't know how to make spraying blood, I made that octopus the guts with green stuff
These last ones are both old metal minis. I wanted something really different, the kind of mini you don't regularly have. The opponents are Astral Claws Marines, as I raised this Army as part of a Badab War Campaign which sadly never took place.

I purchased the new Command Squad (or whatever its name is) from Forge World. This guy would act as Chapter Master Lias Issodon:

Raptors are extreme pale. Genetic issues
And I used the Standard Bearer as a bodyguard. I didn't see Raptors marching into battle with Banners and Standards:

So a sword instead of the Standard
The rest of the Command Squad is made up of retails :P:

Really oooold mini. Love it
Reasonably old mini
New mini from Black Reach box. Had it totally idle, finally found a place for the guy
Well, don't wanna saturate the post. Later this very week I'll show you the rest of the army. Enjoy!


  1. You got fantastic results with these marines. Another take on them, more in line with what they were in RT times.

  2. Yup, that was an idea I had been trying to make for real for a long time, but never finished it. This was a nice opportunity to combine the RT spirits with the current lookings. Experiments! I like experimenting!

  3. Genial ejército. Hace verdadero honor al título del blog.

    1. Jeje, gracias, a veces hago experimentos de estos de combinar cosas de aquí y allá; espero que todo quede medianamente homogéneo. Me tomo el 'OldSchool' como guía porque se nota mi influencia, pero me gusta hacer un poco de todo :)

  4. Which citadel colors did you use? They look like Death World Forest citadel....

    1. Hi! They are Vallejo colours, a mix of Olive Green with a drop or two of dark brown (I believe it's called German-Camo-something, the darkest brown of the range). It's kinda a trial/error thing, I'm afraid, until I found a colour I liked.
      Hope it helps! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!