Monday, 21 October 2013

Geek weekend!

These have been some crazy days and I have painted much less than I had desired. But I have not been idle. Just a quick update to recall what I've been geekgaming recently

From the ubiquitous X-Wing...

Yeah, this was a real gaming situation. Rush hour, you know
...To Descent, a game a friend of mine has recently got. This weekend we unwrapped it and saw what was it like.
I must say, top notch minis
I mean it, they are superb. And the game is totally great. I enjoyed it a lot
Quick to learn and definitely fun
I'm currently stuck with my to do list, but someday I have to paint those minis. I will show them and talk to you about the game. Don't hold your breath, but I can tell you I will do ;)

As we got some time left, I tried to remember the Lord of the Rings rules and set a game, as my friend had never played. I miserably failed to remember the rules and everything was a mess having to look at the rulebook constantly, but it was worth of just for moments like this:

LotR OST sounding now
We did every mistake you can imagine, but it still was fun
I have not prepared a battle report as the game was a mess, as I'm telling you. But I'm determined to re-read the rulebook again and prepare a well done battle. We will speak then...
For the moment I can only offer these bad quality pics

No, this is not a 'The Hobbit' movie spoiler. Though it could be so
This very week however I'll post here the highlights of the things I have recently played, a Bolt Action battle report, as I finally have played it for the first time. I'm preparing the AAR, I hope I can post it soon!


  1. ¿Cuánto tiempo te va a llevar pintar el descent? :-P

    1. No quiero ni pensarlo. Antes tengo que terminar el Zombicide (estoy en ello ahora mismo), el Batallas de Poniente, unas mil figuras RT, recuperar mi viejo HeroQuest... :'-(