Monday, 25 November 2013

Zombicide (Pt.6, some female Walkers)

'Zombicide' also brings you a number of female walkers. Not very inspiring, though, at least not for me. I tried my best, I'll let you judge the results. The original mini, as usual:

Aunt May? Is that you?
A few zombies with skirts are nice, but eight of them (and another eight from other round) are too much. I had to try different things:

Vertically challenged female zombie. I told you last week, no discrimination in this blog
If you remember, I used a pair of female legs for 'Freddie Mercury'. So I had a pair of spare legs in trousers.They had to be used:

Adding some variety to the range
Doing anything to reuse those skirts
Not sure if I still can call her 'Walker'
Sooo, just one round of zombies and the complete game will be done! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...


  1. MUY bien apañado! Creo que esta es la mejor tanda valorando dificultad de las conversiones y resultados obtenidos ;-)

    Para cuándo informe?

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Hay minis más fáciles y otras más difíciles, éstas han sido complicadas, pero he quedado más o menos satisfecho.
      Seguramente la semana que viene podré poner un informe :)

  2. Where's my Mary Poppins Zombie !

    You did great considering the female zombie is clearly not an easy one to start with...

    1. Haha! That actually would have been a good one! How didn't I thought of that! It's too late now for making it into the next round, but I keep the idea in mind! Thanks!