Thursday, 30 January 2014

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I keep on stealing names, you see. Can't blame but my lack of originality. This is an old project I made some time ago for a friend. He got GW's 'Tomb Kings Casket of Souls' and asked me for something... different, more 40K oriented. You'll see...

I begun this way:

You can easily say this is GW beacuse of the number of skulls per square inch
But I wasn't satisfied at all. My pal wanted the Ark itself:

Pic inserted here for research purposes

Ohhh, shiny!
Not-Ark of the Covenant
Then some guys in blue. A Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons:

Slightly converted for my purposes
And two bodyguards:

The one to the left is an exact replica of the one you saw last day, hehe
So it begun to look this way:

Just WIP. Keep calm and keep on working
The poor sorcerer got confused spelling so many 'h', 'tz' and other strange sounds; it was just a matter of time that he didn't invoke Tzeentch... but Cthulhu! :D

The general overview:

Well, yes, we have to learn a lot of Spells at the Sorcerer's School. One can get confused sometimes!
Err... Doesn't matter! Aye pray him anyway! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Ftangh!
Well, my pal's original idea was having Primarch Magnus raising over the altar, escorted by six Astartes Fellowships, two robot Maniples and a cloud of flaming Tutelaries, all surrounded by an ectoplasmatic projection of Tzeentch itself. But the lazy artist alleged some excuses about budget and space, and simply put a winged octopus :D

Hope you like this madness. Let's slowly get back to routine into the new year. More minis soon!


  1. Great work on this , i love it this composition .
    Greetings .

  2. Suber, you surpass yourself with each passing day... Amazing!

  3. Brilliant ! Ther is all I love in these kind of projects, some creativity, some skill and a very good idea with an evocative result. Gets my vote.
    Well done Suber.

  4. Thank you all! The raw material was inspiring, I simply had to put it all together and see what came up! It almost built it for itself. Not that the brushwork is impressive, but I believe the piece on the whole is fun :)

  5. Me resulta como poco... Inquietante! :-D

  6. Simply brilliant! I had forgotten this one...

    1. Thank you! You never know where a twisted imagination can lead you...