Monday, 28 April 2014

Singing in the ice (and fire)

I'm bringing here the rest of the minis of this range I have :)

Let's begin, the first one will be Tyrion Lannister:

Small guy, great mini
You can't see that, but his eyes have different colours
Watcha lookin' at?
Then Arya Stark:

Another tiny person, great character
Unfriendly face. Can't blame her
Her sister Sansa:
Should have painted that as a sandcastle. Nobody would have seen that coming
Painting snow and making it look like snow is a pain in the *ss
And so is painting that face in the hood
Finally, Hodor, Bran, Meera and Jojen:

Meet the Reeds
Hodor? Hodor hodor!
Stop moving! I'm falling down!
As you may have noticed, these minis are not based in the tv show, but in the books. Check the rest of the range by Dark Sword Miniatures, there are some really awesome minis!


  1. Really nice, I like the blue marble on Tyrion's base and the brightnes sof his colours to refelct the wealth.
    On the other hand, the darker palette on the others really enhances th efact they live outdoors., very well done. who's next then ?

    1. Thank you! I don't have more minis from this range, but the company has recently run a quite successful kikcstarter campaign (, so maybe I get a few more ;)

  2. I love the Game of Thrones. I have the Lannister twins from Dark Sword myself and plan to paint Cersei in sheer fabric when my skills are better.

    1. These minis are lovely. You think you have to improve? You are a master! I'd love to have your skills! For sure you can dare painting her, she will be lovely, no doubt :)