Monday, 19 May 2014

Speed drawing: Some LoTR. Oh, and some other non-related stuff

Hi there! At the moment I'm out of home, that's why during last week and this incoming one again my blogorythm is going slow. I'm in a tiny village in Germany called Oberammergau, in the Upper Bavaria, south of Munich. Attending a couple of Law courses for legal advisors, so I guess no one in the audience would like me to tell anything else about that :P

But I won't exercise my right to be silent. Though I am not painting any mini, I have been drawing some stuff. This is where inspiration is leading me:

Oh, OK, you can see nothing. I get it.
Apparently phone pics of pencil drawing suck
Not that the inking improves it, but that's what I got
So, after this movie-inspired Aragorn, I went for a Boromir:

I'm skipping the pathetic pencils process
At the moment I'm at the brink of inking this Gimli:

Though now that I'm looking at it, on a second thought he needs proper feet before inking
I guess they all look weird about perspective because of the angle of the pic. If properly scanned they should look better proportioned. Or I hope so.
Well, these are the geeky related activities I'm performing this week. I am also trying again to get practice with anatomy, so besides of these I have a new collection of... academic nudies, but they are not that proper for blogging here :D. Strictly academic, you know :D.

Now this is nothing related to the hobby, I simply can't resist posting these pics as I'm truly impressed by the beautiful landscapes over here. I'm also impressed of how can weather change here. Let me explain:

At first it was like this
But then it was like this. You can't see all the rain here
Germany, what are you doing?
Germany, stahp!
That's right, in less than a week I've been from the Plains of Rohan to the Caradhras!!

In the meantime, I've been informed that back at home, the wife and friends have been playing Zombicide this weekend:

As I'm the official painter of the group, they had no choice but to play with unpainted plastic. I will put a remedy to that as soon as I can, but I'm afraid it cannot be anytime soon.

This is it. As I'm staying over here for the rest of the week, I don't believe there will be much blog activity, but I will be back to regular rythm soon.

See you!


  1. You're one talented piece you know that?

    Painting, sculpting, drawing, gaming?, Is there just one aspect of our hobby you don't master?
    Jealousy aside, these are really great. Living near the alps myself I sympathise with the rapid changes of weather, we've gone from 8°C to 25°C in a week too....
    Anyway, enjoy your time abroad mate !

    1. Thank you very much! But I wouldn't dare to say that I master anything! I'm just an apprentice of all those! So I do not excel in any of them...

      By the way, just on monday sun begun to shine and now it is almost summer in these beautiful Alps. I'm just on the brink of start singing 'The sound of music'...

  2. Así que no se te leía por ningún lado! Envidia me da, oiga, y de la cochina!

    1. ¡Jajaja, gracias! El entorno es precioso, lo estoy disfrutando de verdad. El viernes vuelvo a casa de nuevo, aprovecharé lo que queda de semana...

  3. Muy buenos, me gusta mucho cómo te ha quedado Boromir.

    Y qué envidia de paisajes!!

    1. Muchas gracias, procuro no estar nunca inactivo y hacer cosas diferentes en todo momento. Los paisajes, como digo, son increíbles. Los pueblos del entorno, el castillo de Neuschwanstein... todo es como un cuento de hadas; esta zona inspira de verdad.

  4. You are a very talented artist. Very nice drawings indeed. ^_^

    1. Wow, thak you! I'm just a mere apprentice, I still have too much to learn and improve. So I just need practice, practice and practice! (And time, time and time!!)