Monday, 14 July 2014

40K A-Team van. Whatever

Brand new work! A commission for a friend; he purchased this Imperial Guard vehicle (well, I believe it is officially no more called 'Imperial Guard', but you know what I'm talking about):

This is the monster. Worst design ever. Or almost. GW are beating themselves these days
This might be a great Ork trukk, but I don't enjoy it pretty much for Imperial Guard. First thing to do was to get rid of those horrendous tracks.

After some failed experiments...

My friend got some decent wheels by himself. Sorry, can't recall the company, I'll ask him if you have any interest.

Still an Ork Trukk, but begins to look different
So once my mate was happy, I begun to work on the inner side:

You know, I can't resist to do these things
A little bumped in the inside
I could use a pine air freshener, dude
Now closing the driver inside!
My friend wanted the vehicle to be opened at will, so you can see the inside. So the rear ceiling is removable and you can have a look whenever you want.

The next challenge was that he wanted the weapon options magnetized so he can choose what to display for different battles. Therefore, three days later...

Really a hell of a work, drilling everywhere... without having a drill
Well organized display. Bazinga
For the outside colours we went on dark grey. It fits with other vehicles he has, but he wanted a different approach (That reminds me that I have to show you those vehicles, I painted them some time ago). He wanted not an open field battle vehicle, but rather an urban area, Arbites compatible truck. So dark grey it is:

My days here are so grey...
Some more paint later...

Blue here is used to avoid the Lannister effect
And then to start with the details:

If the stripe was red, this would be the 40K A-Team van
You don't get to see it properly, but it has a plate down there
So now let's see this with all the weapons options:

Basic Autocannons light option
Strange cannon and strange side lasers
A view from the other side with gatlings
Ehm... Maybe not the wisest option, staying just in front of those missiles
This has been my approach to this totally newschool vehicle. I have some infantry from my friend for this same project, but I'll be switching between projects as I tend to do, you know. So expect some different things before!


  1. What a vast improvement the wheels make, horrendous is an apt description of the tracks if there ever was one.
    It makes for a really suitable "riot squad" vehicle.
    As a side note I wish I had friends that would paint up stuff for me!

    1. I believe the wheels are the keystone for this. I'm not in love with the new result however, but it's quite better than the original aberration. Thanks!

  2. Sin orugas de esas horribles!! siiiiiiiiiiii nenaaaa siiiiiiiiiii!!

    Gana muchisimo sin esos añadidos que no aportaban nada, mas que afear el tanquecillo!!
    Mola mucho Suber!!

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! El modelo original me parece abominable, a poco que le pongas un poquito de cariño, conseguirás algo. No es ninguna maravilla, pero bueno, creo que algo sí ha ganado.

  3. Splendid work Suber ! When the kit was released, I thoght it was an interesting one if one could chnage the tracks for wheels and you prove that point !
    Th eattention to details id really good and the full magnetised option is something I really appreciate.
    Now you really give me the will to try something like this myself .

    Thumbs up mate.

    1. Thank you!! Like most of the latest GW releases, this kit is a good start for converting stuff. All I see on their current ranges looks awful per se to me, but always can see lots of potential for converting works.

  4. Efectivamente, sin orugas es casi decente... :-)

    Gran trabajo!

    1. ¡Gracias! Como le he dicho a Asslessman, todo lo que veo en las gamas recientes de GW me parece feo como tal, pero se le puede sacar mucho partido para hacer conversiones :)

  5. Great job on the conversion. I agree 100% that the original tracks look absolutely horrible. What were they smoking when did designed it?

    1. Thank you! The original is awful, almost anything would have been an improvement!

  6. Great conversion.
    I can't stand those tracks, the conversion with wheels looks good. Thank you for the idea. The paint scheme is excellent too. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm still not fond of the model, but I tried my best. I have an infantry squad from my friend for this project, I may try to build up an A-Team :D

  7. Puedes preguntarle a tu amigo dónde consiguió esas ruedas por favor? Quedan mucho mejor!

    1. Pues parece ser que consiguió las ruedas por eBay:

      Veo que no son baratas, pero la verdad es que quedan bastante bien :)

  8. That is a work of art, the inside is absolutely amazing.

    1. Thank you very much! I always enjoy painting the inside of the vehicles, that gives them some more life (Well, I only paint those that are supposed to be seen, haha!)