Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bonus piece (Ship V.2)

Hiya there!

This is but an extension to the latest entry ;) I got some interesting feedback on the forums regarding the canal barge, and in fact I got a couple of ideas that I could easily see (and implement!). I was accused of a disturbing lack of skulls (it's an improvement! I tend to be accused of lack of skills! :D You see, every letter counts!). Though this was supposed to be warhammerized, I consciously avoided the use and abuse of skulls. But I was suggested to add some cherubs, and I immediately saw that!

I don't have any baby model to which I can stick up a pair of wings (or, for that very issue, any actual WH40K cherub), but I have a few of the cherubs from the WHFB Imperial Chapel. I have done this tiny experiment:

You can always find a place for this
Besides, I was also reminded of how dangerous life can be for underhivers and, well, dwellers in general of the vast Imperium of mankind, wherever they may be. So a guy living on his boat, smuggling or just trading along cities and perilous shores must for sure count with some extra firepower on board!

Easy and effective!
So with just these two small additions, suddenly the barge happens to have much more personality!

I should have thought about this from the beginning
So thanks for the ideas! Much appreciated! I'm currently having a look at toy stores trying to find a (cheap) industrial crane. Everything looks too pricey for what I humbly pretend, but there are some nice options out there. I'll let you know...


  1. The barge looks great! The subtle additions are enough to bring it into the 40k universe. I'd love to see it loaded up with cargo too!

  2. Thank you! I should need some small crates, as all I got is too big, but I'm on it!

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    1. Thank you! The credit is not mine though, I just happened to execute others' ideas...

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    1. Thanks! It still strikes me how much can these little additions change the original model. I'm enjoying this pretty much!

  5. Great additions to the barge Suber! Love both of 'em.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them :) Sometimes less is more...

  6. I like the thematic additions to the barge, but the best thing about it is that its large enough for parts of skirmishes to take place on, which is always fun.

    More brilliant work Suber, good stuff.

    1. Yeah, I tink this is allowing to add some variety to whatever scenario I can come up with. I still have to decide if I get a second barge to make a spin-off game of canal races :D
      (If I finally don't do that, at least I'll have some atmospherical scenery)