Monday, 2 March 2015

Painting Rivet Wars: Allies

April. I had this pending since April. I'd try to make up an excuse, but let's face it, there is none. My mate got the Rivet Wars game and we managed to play a game back in April. Virtually a year later I finally have come to paint the minis. Is 'familiarity breeds contempt' the phrase for this? OK, man, I owe you some beers!!

If you remember the game (if you don't, just click the link above), Rivet Wars is some kind of low Weird War I in an almost chibi aesthetics -or maybe I should say 8bit better? The starter pack my mate got on the Kickstarter covers the Eastern Front, so we have Allies and the Blight here: Today let me show the former. First of all, the reliable infantry:

I tried to make everyone different!
The infantry special character is the M2 'Wolverine' armour:

Oh, c'mon, it was asking for it!
Though I've seen some pics on the internet as a full 'Capt'n America' in blue, I opted for the green armour, implying it's only a prototype that will not be fully developed until some years later ;)

The cavalry special character is Captain Parman:

War Horse. Not the Spielberg one
Ugh. I can't but notice that these pics look way too plain. In the flesh, greens are quite more dull and subtle, and the same goes for browns. Damn...

Anyway, the artillery is made up of these two pieces:

Boom shaka shaka boom boom
We also have the rocketcycles:

Vroom vrooom, weeee!
Finally, here we have the MT-1 'Ostrich':

Option 1, the gunnery cockpit
Option 2, General Patson!
These bobbleheads are sweet to paint, a refreshing choice among all the grimdark stuff I've been doing lately. The other side, the blight, is almost ready and I hope I'll be able to show the minis quite soon...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They have been totally fun to paint, a different approach to minis, I've enjoyed these pretty much :)

  2. I was wondering how these would turn out once painted and I'm not disapointed !, really cool models and you jus topted for the right balance in detail I think. Less would have make them look like toys (although they are toys to start...) and more would have looked weird given th ecaricatural graphism.
    When are we seeing the other side ? ;)

    1. That's the balance point I tried. I've seen much better works than mine, in a more realistic way, but I didn't really feel that was what best suited these minis. The kinda cartoony toy style asks for simple colours and effects, I'm so glad you think it works! Thank you very much!

  3. Awwww they look so cute! Great paint job Suber and yet again fantastic variety in your work. These look like very fun miniatures to paint.

  4. Thank you very much! Haha, they're cute, aren't they? Terribly fun to paint, believe me, I do need these changes from time to time, leaving my comfort zone and risk into deep waters and new projects. I maybe will never master any field, but I'm enjoying the process in the meantime!

    1. Your work on this set of minis shows you can adapt to the different types of sculpture. I didn't say this earlier but I loved 'Captain America' :)