Monday, 11 May 2015

Interlude: For Crom!

Today I'm daring to show a standalone project... for now. Through a friend I've been able to put my hands on this amazing mini of a tough Barbarian...

Suspicious? Naaah, not at all
Sculpted by most talented Julen Galparsoro (I believe his most recent works belong to the Punkapocalyptic ranges, which are truly amazing), this mini is called Aran the Barbarian. Ahem. :P
Seriously, it makes a wondeful Conan.

I cannot say I'm happy with my brushwork this time. I tried some experimental techniques with the skin and I believe I screwed it up :(

Too much definition on the muscles; very rough transitions
At least the sculpt is top notch
I didn't know what to paint on the shield. I first thought of a Lion, being Amra, (the lion) one of the best known nicknames Conan used. But painting a decent lion was way too far from my skills; I just used this scheme (taken from the movie).

Simple enough for me :D
The mini is great; I guess it's about 35 mm. scale, so slightly bigger than the usual 28-30mm I'm used to. Anyway, I'm planning to use it alongside the Conan game by Monolith, whenever they deliver the kickstarter ;). I believe the minis there are 32 mm, so I strongly hope this one fits in the scale.

Until that moment arrives (I still have to receive the package and then paint hundreds of minis!), I may repaint the skin of this one. I'm really dissatisfied with how it turned out, so I have to train all things related to skin tones and smooth transitions. Any advice is well received!

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