Monday, 3 August 2015

Relic Knights (Pt. 5, outsider guys)

I'm finally putting this Relic Knights project to an end with today's stuff. As I previously told you, Keyan Sark and I had exchanged the minis we had repeated from our respective starter sets. This means that I handed over him a robot and a Hell's Belles kit and I got five Diamond Corps soldiers and a robo-tank in exchange.

This is how Keyan's guys look like:

Here is the link to them. Go visit the blog!
I of course had to try a different approach, my whole cadre being painted white! I used the same technique, i.e., white priming, light grey shades and then up until I get some decent white.

Once again I faced the very same problem. The casting of the minis is not up to my expectations, and that's a shame. Mold lines unable to be removed and lack of detail on several parts of the mini, making some supposed-to-be sharp edges quite dull, that kind of stuff.

Here you can see the squad leader:

Ha ha! Look at you!
I've tried to keep the pattern coherent with my previous stuff, so white armour with orange stripes here and there and black clothes.

Lord Vader is over there!
No! There!
I'm afraid that the pics don't help much either in this particular case. Tricky colour balance, especially regarding white, I guess.

Anyway, the concept of the minis is not that bad. They look quite in the anime vibe and if just the cast was a little bit better, they would be great.

Now all I have to do is finally arrange a game to see what is this all about!

Oh, wait. You say that at the beginning I was talking about a robo-tank too. Riiiight... Well... As a matter of fact I have different plans for that one. You'll see what I mean later on this week... See you then!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Despite the casting, minis are not thaaat bad. Maybe you can find a number of near future armoured soldiers out on the market, but I think these will work fine with the aesthetics of the rest of the cadre.

  2. I understand what you mean about the photos. There are times when my piece looks nice to the naked eye but then looks so dull in the photos. :(

    1. Yeah, it sometimes becomes a pain in the ass, I really need to do something about my pics!!