Thursday, 3 September 2015

Archive pics: Malcom Reynolds

Hi everyone!

I'm slowly coming back to the usual two posts by week rate, I'll try to keep it up. First thing you may have noticed is that I (finally) changed the header. It was long time needed, I know. What I had was a temporary solution (well, it was in my mind!), but you know, there is nothing as permanent as the temporary...
This new one pretends to be just another temporary solution until I make some other experiments (so I guess you can expect it to be there for another two or three years, ha!), this was just to help me finding a drawing style and combining tools. The composition is quite awful, but I'll try to make it up, promise.

Ahem. Now to the real stuff.

Today I'm rescuing a treasure from oblivion which is quite dear to me. My friend Maria from MCC Arte sculpted this piece for me a few years ago. She's a talented amateur artist making her way out in the world of sculpting and airbrushing. I've encouraged her many times to keep on the path of the arts, but I'm afraid she's scattered through too many things in RealLifetm to focus on her production.

Anyway, back in 2011 when she was starting, she sculpted this Captain Malcom Reynolds for me:

I'm a huge fan of the Firefly universe, so when she gave me this I couldn't but squeak and jump, for me this was the coolest among the cool. It's made out of Sculpey and it's quite big, it's not made in any commercial scale.

Now it was up to me making it resemble the real guy!
Sooo, slow step by step
No power in the 'verse can stop me!
Agh! I'm blind!
This was all I could achieve on the face
I got a base for the guy, this is the final result
Being the gift it was, you can understand this piece is quite dear to me, as I told above, and I consider it a little treasure.
Go visit my pal's blog and encourage her to come back to production!
On my behalf I can only say that this is not the last Firefly related stuff you've seen here, but only the first... (Plans! I have lots of plans!)


  1. Suber, that is fantastic work on the face. Well done! ^_^
    Nice fonts on the header too!
    I heard that Firefly was a good sci fi show but I never caught any episodes and they cancelled after just one season.

    1. Thank you very much! 'Firefly' was really nice, it's a shame it was cancelled. It's easy to spot on Amazon or whatever, so if you get the chance, it's totally worth a try. Light sci-fi, greatly built characters and lots of fun and easy going action. After the show was cancelled, Universal got the rights and produced 'Serenity', the movie, which also provides everything an action movie should contain. Come on, have a look at both!

  2. Combo work, just the best kind there is ! I do not know a thing about firefly but I like a good model when I see one !
    The new header is really nice too !

    1. Thank you! I just must tell you the same I told Kuan, get both 'Firefly' and 'Serenity', won't be disappointed!! Glad you like the model and the paintjob, this piece is quite special to me beyond the art itself :)
      And glad you like the header too! I'd really like to draw again, I couldn't resist but doing the shuriken marine just for fun. But I'd love getting into it seriously once again. Back in the day I used to do more traditional (oldschool) drawings and comics, I'd love to get back to them. Aaagh, time, f***ing lack of time!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Now it's a little bit more representative of what this blog's about. But still thinking of improving it ;)

  4. Great job Sir, I'm terrified of larger sculpts but you've done a lovely job, your friend is very talented, and would have tons of fanboys clamouring to get a set of serenity crew in any scale, but if they were in 28mm!? That's a rogue trader crew all in one!

    1. Thanks! You already read my thoughts, hehe. There are a few at Heresy (which IMHO are a little bit rough sculpts) and a lovely River Tam at Hasslefree (which I will eventually get), but right, my loooong-term plan is recruiting the whole crew at 28mm. Unless a real sculptor out there takes the endeavour, my plan involves my puny skills with greenstuff :S