Thursday, 7 April 2016

New old barbarian

Today for a twist! What would it be of this blog if I lost my ability to do the unexpected? :D

I can only bring a mini, but it's kinda special. First of all, it came to me as an unexpected gift (thanks to my generous donor, the guy who is also behind the Hakk Tee Mehl idol and the Pest Control guys!). Besides, it's a 1985 Citadel Barbarian, something you don't see everyday. I think this mini is the most Oldhammer this blog has ever gone! :D

I smash, therefore I exist

Painting-wise, I've gone quite classic, as that's what the mini demands. Given that it's mainly skin, that's not quite complicated! Anyway, I've fulfilled the main Commandments of Oldhammer... There are some checkers and there is at least one piece painted in bright red :D

Well said, cousin, let's crush some enemies, see them driven before us, etc.

As I don't have any active WHFB projects right now, I guess I'll be using him as a barbarian character for my HeroQuest games (provided that I manage to get some again, sigh)

A categorical imperative would be one which represented an action as objectively necessary in itself, without reference to any other purpose, my friends. Now let's raid some dungeon, hell yes.
Well, changing subject again has been good for sanity, hehe, now back again to regular programming (as if that expression meant anything here!)


  1. It has all the classic scent from old's GW works
    Good job :)

    1. Thank you! It strikes me how a relatively simple mini (I mean, a half naked guy, no elaborate armour nor ornaments) can still have this kind of old charm!

  2. Nice work: love the inclusion of the red and the checks!

  3. Lovely work, especially on that skin tone. What's the technique / recipe you've used?

    1. Thank you! My recipe is quite constant: Base colour is a mix of flesh, some brown and a tip of red. Then the first shade is made by adding a little more brown to the mix; a second shade is made by using a wash of dark green/dark blue mix. Then back to the base color and highlights.
      So the different skintones are made by different proportions of flesh/brown/red. Just trial & error!

  4. Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned barbarism to refresh the palate!