Monday, 1 May 2017

Descent in a budget: Lord Merick Farrow & Baron Zachareth

Yet two more characters, from the Lieutenants pack.

Lord Merick Farrow is an evil necromancer. Responsible for bringing back to life his brother Sir Alric Farrow (you know, that guy wore a helmet for a reason) he is presentad as a wicked, evil foe. So this mini looked more than suitable:

No, for the last time, I'm not that 'Skeletor' guy you keep on speaking of
The mini works, but the legs could be concealed (precisely to reduce the Skeletor effect). Besides, there was nothing to do with the sword. Some kind of evil magic wand would do its part...

When a mini works, don't touch it
However, the Skeletor theme had stuck in my head by now, so I couldn't help but painting the mini in a grimdark blue fashion...

Well, it's a scarecrow mask, not a skull, but it's supposed to be scary as well.

The other relevant guy was Baron Zachareth. More than meets the eye, won't say anymore. At first sight, any armoured knight would work, but this pose was quite useful for my purposes:

Apparently nothing stands out here. But that exactly suits the character...
I had a spare head left from a WotC Star Wars mini (you remember my 40K civilians...?). I cut the shield arm and replaced it by a bare arm from a 40K Imperial Guard kit.

Trying to make it colse to the original illustration
I tried to mimic the glowing magic tatoos on the bare arm. Needless to say I failed. Several times. I couldn't make them work. Either the red glowing looked like chewing gum, either any effect I attempted to achieve ruined the mini. Sooo, I finally breathed and abandoned the idea. Regular 'inactive' tatoos would make their role as well.

Maori is cool, man.
With these two I think I have covered almost all the relevant characters in the game (at least the minis I had allocated for them!!). Some more work ahead, but the project is walking towards the end, hehe...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They were fun to do too :)

  2. Well thought through and executed converted miniatures, what's not to like :).

    1. Thanks! It's fun to see where these crazy conversions take you :D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I never suspected these Reaper minis could offer such opportunities, hehe

  4. Maori is indeed cool! You know I love how you take a mini and convert it to become better. You did it again here.

    1. Thank you! You see, the process is highly enjoyable. I sometimes feel a little like a Dr. Frankenstein, cutting and adding pieces :D