Thursday, 21 June 2018

Furry Family of Twilight

Behind this unexpected (and maybe a little bit unsettling) title you are about to see more minis from the World of Twilight ranges. They are quite away from the regular lizard like (and even mammal like) minis I've painted before. I love them, as they have a pretty distinctive look. Cheesy and fun, I simply find them awesome.

A monstrous chicken? A yeti hybrid?
Beware the evil El Pollo Diablo!
 There is something hilarious about them that makes them so cute. It was quite a challenge to choose the proper colours. A cold palette doesn't suit this kind of big, furry beast, it would only look like the chicken cousin of Monsters Inc. Sulley:

Hey, I have familiy too!
I went for warm colours. Less plush toy, more animal looking. The chicken thing was so evident that I felt that emphasising it was the right thing to do...

The chicken that terrifies foxes
For the yeti's sake, woman, I told you that Tod the fox was just coming over for a beer at home!
But he's a bad influence for the nestlings!
Aren't they lovely?

The whole Yartain family. I've seen weirder family pics
As always, I find the World of Twilight ranges refreshing and different, a pure pleasure to paint. These are even different from the usual Twilight minis, so that's a plus!

I'm having quite busy weeks (and will be this way for a while), but I'll make my best to keep the blog updated. More silly stuff coming soon(-ish)!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Cult breeding pits

I've lost track of at which point expressions such as 'crazy lunatic' or 'deranged madman' lost their connotation and became just descriptive when applied to me. Never mind. The case is that I had to give some continuity to the Genesteraler Cult catacombs project, which at the moment only counted with a single room. I wanted to put the Hobbit core box scenery to an use, so I designed a room in which I could use all of it. Yes, that's right. All the wooden platforms. Yes, I'm that crazy, didn't you read the beginning of the post?

So I built this monster with foam board and a kilo of Das clay. Yes, once again you read it right.

You don't see a thing. I understand
Just from the other side
I hope you will see it better with some additional work on it...

The sand on the floor was a terrible pain in... well, in everywhere
Those are supposed to be caverns open to the main hall. You will eventually see what I mean
Yes, I could have used papier mache for the same purpose, but I only thought of that after using 1 Kg. of Das. I regret nothing.

Well, let's have a look at those wooden platforms.

They are cool. I could definitely use more of these
Preliminary display:

First floor of the main structure
And basic shape of the second floor too
The same from the other side
Of course what you have seen by now is the result of several weeks of intermitent work, so at this point I was kind of fed up with all this and wanted to move on new stuff (as always). So I didn't add an overwhelming amount of details. I'm keeping the cave dirty and feral:

Some wiring and a couple of bits here and there
On the whole I think it works
I've added a couple of electric lights, but I think I could add some torches or something like that.

Wires add a visual sense of dirt and chaos, but I guess it's going to be challenging gaming wise....
You know, Operation game, 40K Edition
I would have liked to paint some blaspheme Genestealer Cult iconography on the walls, but the idea came too late, and at that moment it was impossible for me to reach the walls with a brush. I'm keeping the idea for future rooms though.

So the dungeon has two rooms now!

I foresee storage issues with these
The idea of verticality is tempting, I have to think about it for future rooms. I find it fun seeing this giant, shambling structure. For gaming purposes I think this cave will be the breeding pits, the place where the Cult nurtures all the creatures that must not be seen openly on the surface and where they dwell until the moment for the rebellion to come. I guess the rules for this room could be rolling dice each turn to determine from which cavern will the Hybrids emerge to attack their invading enemies, something like that.

Anyway, the important fact is that I can consider this done (apart from those torches or other tiny details) and I can move on more stuff!!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Not exactly light luggage

I was in the right mood for another big beast in the World of Twilight project. That involves flashy colours and striking combinations of different patterns. I still had schemes to test, so it was time to see if they worked...

Let's try yellow this time
I wanted to try a little bit more elaborate pattern on the travelling blanket (in previous attempts on other minis I left it just in a single plain colour; now it feels kind of dull). So I came to this:

Just on the edge of causing epilepsy
I wanted it to be colourful, like all the minis in this project, as lavish as I could, but keeping in mind that this one is a traveller, a merchant, so it couldn't look like royalty.

Lots of things can be done though
This was the final result:

Not exactly light lugagge, but comfly for long range merchant routes
You'll eventually experience some haemorrhoids problems, but you can travel with proper liniment for that
The road goes ever on and on... No, wait, that was another bloke's song
So this is it. I still haven't decided what to paint next. I'm working on a couple of other projects at the same time, so I hope you will see painted stuff soon (-ish)...

Sunday, 27 May 2018


I've been out of blogging for a couple of weeks, but not idle at all! I'm afraid that the doctoral thesis is quite a demanding mistress. Anyway, I'm here about minis, so minis it is. Let's have another realscale Space Sharks day!

I had a look at this termie and I had an idea...

A skeleton on the leg, vials and stuff on the belt...
I could make an Apothecary using this one! So let's do it:

I dismembered my poor Ultramarines Apothecary to get this
Until I got this concept
However, I wasn't satisfied. Yes, it was technically correct, but it lacked something, the mini didn't have that inexplicable thing I was looking for; maybe it looked too generic, too hollow. Then I noticed this other guy...

Would I dare...?
Hell, of course I dare
This one was really challenging. Cutting the left arm out was like a nightmare, as it is not a separate piece, but is attached to the body. So I was scared of ruining it all. Fortunately I managed to get rid of it and all the torso, So I could use the upper body I already had.

But why the strange pose? Isn't it a little bit... you know, ridiculous?
Well, not if he's attending a patient!
The injured guy was made using those old termies legs and regular torso and arms, all conveniently greenstuffed. Now I was pleased, the mini represented much better the role of the Apothecary on the battlefield, attending and protecting a wounded brother. So I could begin with the brushes! Let's try the classical white scheme...

50 Shades of White
OK, some more details later...

Is that... a turtle? Space Turtles Chapter?
In Maori culture, turtles are a symbol of long life and healing, so it was settled, Doc needed a turtle. The text on the gleave reads Whakamahu, which in Maori refers to the act of healing wounds.

A Shark surrounded by Maori style turtle shells, a symnbol of shielding and protection
The wounded guy in regular Carcharodon colours
So, how do they look in the end?

Ouch. Stop posing and treat me!
Too white for battlefield deployment
So this is what I got for now...

No, seriously, we got two guys as reinforcements... and one of them is severly injuried?
But of course there is one question remaining. What happened to the first set of legs I first intended to use for the medic? Ohhh, I have already started the next Space Marine. Soon, soon... (hopefully!)

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Cozy cottage of Twilight

Once you get bitten by these it's pretty hard to leave them apart. I'm talking about the World of Twilight ranges! These were commissioned by my friend, who got into the latest kickstarter; as always, I find them irresistible.

Belomoch dre Hearn the engineer is quite a nice, new concept, bringing a couple of tiny, adorable automata to the equation:

My puny painting skills make the steam look like soap bubbles. But ain't it cute too?
Thomson and Thompson
But the real eye candy for me this time was a piece of scenery. Listed as the engineers' cottage in the kickstarter, it's a most beautiful tiny house. I've spent some more time on it as I fell in love when I saw it.

A lizard needs a place to live in
The pic is awful, as usual, I'm afraid. I tried to apply vibrant colours to make it stand out as much as I could. I went for green as the main colour on the roof tiles so it looked different from any regular red-orange usual tones. My inspiration was some sort of Hobbiton like small cottage, so it all had to look green and nature oriented.

I'm having nightmares about defining the tiles
 In order to achieve the natural look, I took the hard way. There are not two stones in the same exact tone of grey together. The same goes for the roof, each tile has a different tone of green than any of the surrounding ones. It's an effect you may not see at first sight (and it shamefully goes totally unadverted in the pics), but it certainly adds 'something' to the final result. I guess the subtleness is the best quality I can call.

Cozy, but a little bit tight for the three of them
I still find the Tabletop World stuff too intimidating for my skills, but this house has been clearly educational. Oh, seriously, I'm feeling the urge to build a small village!!

This is just the mere beginning of a larger batch of World of Twilight minis. I'll be switching from this project to the others I have currently ongoing (the Genestealer Cult mine and the Space Sharks), as well as any other that comes to my workbench (I have something particular in mind, dun dun dunnn...), so expect some flashy colours in the following weeks! :D

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

D.A.P.P.L.E. (Wasteland Walkers Pt. 3)

Hi all! We are back to the wasteland walkers project today.
Once  I had Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime finished, I begun to think of his faithful companion, good, old, level-headed Sancho Panzer. Though my first thoughts were oriented towards a tiny Warmachine Jack, I had a (hopefully) better idea. I had this Kinder Surprise egg (you know, those toys inside a chocolate egg; I still cannot understand why they are forbidden on the US). Anyway, I then used not one, but two Warmachines, so I got this chubby quadruped:

Is it comical enough?
This is how it looks like next to RhoCII:

Suitably scaled
So it seemed to be a proper starting point. It was then just a matter of greenstuf fand bits!

Instead of a saddle, I opted for a full seat, to make it look even more different from RhoCII. However, I was fond of the head concept I used for the other mount, so I somehow stuck to it. Once again it's a serum vial top.

Totally un-epic
I enjoyed adding silly details, such as a headrest. It's a nail; I cut two tiny pieces and then added the headrest itself using greenstuff. The rest of the nail was used as an antenna on the head of the mount:

Don't know why, but it has some kind of Akira Toriyama vube to me
Time to pay some attention to Sancho Panzer himself! I couldn't resist the idea of a rogue Squat engineer, an outcast from his people, wandering through the galaxy until he found someone who could offer him the taste of adventure and the promise of a proper reward. I used a plastic WHFB Dwarf:

Sancho Panzer the man! Errr, the Squat!
In the end this was more or less the result:

I enjoyed thoroughly adding all kind of wires and bits. The tow was something that came to mind when delving into the bits box. I imagined the whole thing as a civilian utility machine, just the kind of vehicle a regular guy would have in a backwater world to help him with his regular duties. So this is how I envisioned the Dynamic Appliance for Plural Purposes and Leverage Endeavours (D.A.P.P.L.E.)

Yeah, I know, I know. If you can come with a better name be my guest! :D
The name of course gave me the hint for the colour... somehow.

No, seriously, how do you paint 'dapple' colour?
It's the &%$#ing same mini, just different light. Sigh
You can see where I am going with this. Here you have the final result:

"He cannot gallop in the air: but on the Emperor's highway, he shall pace ye with the best ambler that ever went on four legs".

About Sancho Panzer himself, being "a peaceful man, a harmless quiet fellow", he left his old, boring life out of the thirst of adventure Don Quirixote offered him, as well as the promise of endless rewards, the rule of a space fortress maybe, for "then the squire might promise himself to be made governor of the place". His loyalty beyond any measure might not always be rewarded as expected, but he simply cannot understand life in any other way. "A child may persuade Don Quirixote it is night at noonday, and he is so simple, that I cannot help loving him with all my heart and soul, and cannot leave him in spite of all his follies". Now, both lord and squire wander through the galaxy in search of adventure to live, injustice to be undone and immortal fame.

Here we have the happy couple:

Let us seek for adventure... in spaaaace!

"What Gargants?" said Sancho Panzer.
"Those thou seest there," answered his master, "with the long arms, chainswords and guns, and some have them nearly two leagues long."
"Look, your worship," said Sancho; "what we see there are not Gargants but moisture vaporators, and what seem to be their arms are the sails that turned by the wind make the engine go."
"It is easy to see," replied Don Quirixote, "that thou art not used to this business of adventures; those are Ork Gargants; and if thou art afraid, away with thee out of this and betake thyself to prayer while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat."
So saying, he gave the spur to his steed RhoCII, heedless of the cries his squire Sancho sent after him, warning him that most certainly they were moisture vaporators and not Ork Gargants he was going to attack. He, however, was so positive they were Gargants that he neither heard the cries of Sancho, nor perceived, near as he was, what they were, but made at them shouting, "Fly not, cowards and vile beings, for a single knight attacks you."

'Those are moisture vaporatooooors!' (should photoshop the room out and place a dark sky there!)
 This will be all. For today at least! The perspective of building a whole Quixote ambientation in a Rogue Trader-like setting is really (really!) tempting, but it totally scares me! :D
Let me make some progress on other projects and might come back to this. Or I may organise a contest so you build silly stuff, instead of me, haha! :D

Now, please pay a visit to the amazing Alien Wars project on Death of a Rubricist. I hope these two fit in the whole plot, as a couple of desperado rogue adventurers seeking nothing else than justice to be served, damsels to rescue and good deeds to be done, against whoever dares to cross their path with Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime and Sancho Panzer! [epic background music]

PS: And of course go read the Quixote in case you haven't!!