Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ork Nobs in Yellow

Back to old WH40K today, with some more Orks.

It is known that Orks keep on growing their whole life. Those who live enough (i.e., those who survive battles and inner revolts within the tribe and the clan in the struggle for power) become the true elite of the Orks, their leading class. Their skin becomes darker and their muscles rougher and bulkier. The rulers of the Ork society are really killing machines unparalleled amongst their peers. We could call them Aristocracy (in its true ethimologic sense, 'the rule of the best') or Nobles. The Orks call them just 'Nobz'

Here you have an example, Ork Warboss Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub and a squad of mega armoured Nobz.

Bulky and classy at the same time

Orks use their own teeth ('teef') as coins -literally. They are constantly growing and regenerating, so every Ork itself is a proper motor of economy, never lacking a way of subsistence! However, teeth degenerate quite easily, so it's rather impossible to amass too much wealth for a long time. Ork ekonomy is quite fluctuating! Among all Orks, those from the Bad Moon Clan are usually wealthier, as their teef grow faster. So they tend to bear eccentric wargear or to use flashy and expensive weapons and vehicles.

Ork Warboss Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub, the most cunning Bad Moon leader ever

I tried different combination of arms and weapons in order to avoid having two identical minis:

As usual, the photos appear to have burnt the colours and all the highlights (sigh).

Though I have some of the new models, I still believe these old ones are pretty much better. They have a distinctive appearance; alien, primitive, whatever... but not the current scrap dealer lookings.

Real Lifetm is becoming a little demanding these days, but I'll try to keep up posting!



  1. Great models Suber. Please do keep up the posting. Don't feel shackled by it, just share what you're up to hobby-wise when you can.

  2. Thanks, pals!
    I'm no crazy about these guys, Orks have developed quite funnier concepts for making war. Anycase, as I've told, I rather prefer these to the current ones.

  3. These look great! The new nobz to me don't look nobby enough! My favourite nobz of all time are the classic rogue trader ones.

    1. Thanks! Hehe, I have some of those and they are definitely the best.

  4. Fantastic miniatures and a good work Suber.
    A greeting.

    1. Thanks, Eli! It's always fun bringing these old minis back to life!

  5. Los orcos con armadura amarilla molan. Son tan de los 80... :-)