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 Wow, a whole month since last time. You know, rough weeks at work and everything, little spare time, the usual excuses. But I hope you clicked looking for painted minis, not boring real life, so I can give you a little of that too.

It's been a looong time since I last painted anything related to World of Twilight, so it was like breathing fresh air again after so long. These are part of the latest Kickstarter, and my pal asked me if I could resume the project where we had left it. I have consciously avoided to have a look at the web, as I wanted to keep my mind free of incluences and simply let inspiration flow as it came.

We always wanted this Anyaral experience to be visually as vivid as I could achieve, with the most gaudy colours possible. It's not always easy, as you instinctively tend to look for more earthy tones, but this time the palette came out quite naturally. I'll let you judge the results:

Lady Emarlai and her pet PreePree (left)

A couple of mercenaries, Chey and Dravu

Zhontain al Griba and a tiny urchin

Rear view of all of them. Just because!

However, I guess the next guys are the show stealers. They are simply catalogued as 'Juice Bar', and I find the concept delightful. They can be used as mere beasts of burden, of course, but the sign on their back and the tiny details make them look special.

They are essentially the same sculpt, with minor differences on both head and tail as well as having a different sign on the back.

I don't know why, but they were asking for warm colours to me, so I painted one yellow...

...and the other one orange

I hesitated wether or not to paint the crest with different colours, but in the end I thought the mini is already quite busy visually speaking, so I feared it was just a little too much. Sometimes less is more.

Yeah, yeah, I need a backdrop, I know

I still have a few more minis to paint, but I will take care of them in a few weeks. For the moment I have some other pressing issues I have to attend. You will see soon!