Project HeroQuest: Gobliiins!

Back again to the HeroQuest insanity, my latest addition to the repainting queue have been these Goblins:
Once again, some of them from my original game, some others came with the years

I just followed the same technique and way of working I used with the Orcs. My goal is not having two of them exactly identical, so if they have the same weapon, they will have different cloak colour, etc.
Hmm, can spot a couple of intruders...

As you can see (and if not, let me tell you about), there is also a Warhammer Night Goblin (presumably it came with some White Dwarf magazine years ago?) and the Orc Shaman from the HeroQuest expansion set (I believe I have located a couple more of those wizards, but I have not a clue of where the hell can I have the last one...).

As I said, I followed the same approach used for the Orcs:

Wanted some checkers here, but I couldn't find a proper spot for them

Here you have them, ready to give some trouble to our adventurers:

I finally got a place for red and checkers ;)

Another great eample of how to take blurry pics

Finally, the Shaman:
I guess an Orc should have problems with spelling. He should get funny spells!
So with these I have all the greenskins finished. I have all the Undead and the furniture left. Well, anyway this is slowly getting shape...


Moar Ork Trukk!

As my current progress on painting is shamefully slow, I have decided to rescue some other old Ork goodies I still hadn't shown over here; in this case, another Ork Trukk.

Regretfully this one has not been converted into a ship, it's just the plain Forge World model:

Ork mobile junk

I hadn't thought of converting it until now, hmmm....
Ya wanna make me a sail'r?

I'm not sure about the possibilities though. The front engine is quite a significant part of the model, it would be a challenge trying to combine that with a prow:
May also need a repaint

Maybe if I can give the shape of a prow just under the front engine and a stern on the rear part...
A small quarterdeck here? Hmmm, not sure...

Adding a mainmast in the front of the rear open part should be a must (ehhh... a must mast? XD)
Not sure at all of what to do...

The idea looks appealing to me, but on the other hand I'm not sure at all if that would work or if I am even capable of converting this one into a ship.

I may experience with cheap cardboard to look for basic shapes, see if it works and, if so, then look for solutions. But for the moment I still have tons of pending work!


Aaarrr! Da Ship (Pt.2)

Hiya there, landlubbas! Let's finish up da ship!

Some crew...

Da gunna!

Jayne's Ork Cousin ;)

Well, this is how it was coming along by now:

What shall we do with the drunken gretchin...

I also added a cannon below the keel:

Da kannon!

A view from another angle:

'Ard to starboar'!!

Ok, you see. The problem was that there was a huge empty space on the main deck. I couldn't allow that. I thought of a mainmast which I could put in and out. Of course that would make it impossible to add the rigging, but I thought it would be enough for me.
Provisional concept
I added a maintop made of cardboard with some greenstuff rivets.
On a budget, remember?
This is the piece on the deck that will make the mast stand:
More cardboard...

After some hours (A lot of 'some' hours!) I finally got this:
Aaaarrr! Board 'er!!

Rear Stern view

Hur hur, bring da grog!

We're comin' for ya!

Here you can see the mast when not standing:
For storage purposes
I would have loved to add a forestay, a backstay and shrouds, but I couldn't afford that as I would have never been able to storage that in any place. However, I declare myself satisfied with this, I believe it looks Orky enough and different from the usual Trukk I'm used to see on the boards.

When browsing back to get these pics, I've re-descovered some other Orky goodies, so I may post them over here. I'll decide it on the next days, tomorrow I'm coming back home, so this weekend I'll try to put my hands on some of the pending stuff I still have on my workbench...

See you in a few days! :)


Aaarrr! Da Ship (Pt.1)

Let me rescue an old project, now that I'm travelling abroad and have no chance to paint. I got an Ork Trukk, but of course I was not going to build just the same trukk everybody has! Tha idea of having a ship on wheels had appealed me for a long time. There are a number of them over the internet, in a much larger scale, but I was not able to build (neither to store!) a ship the size of the Titanic. I was aiming for something humble, but different.

I begun with the normal chassis:

Yup, I know, doesn't look like a ship, give me a moment...

Then the quarterdeck:

No? Not a ship yet? Hmmm...

I used the original front part from the kit to build the prow. I cut it into two pieces and re-positioned them this way:

Upside down, it also helps for my purposes

Beginning to look like something?

I needed some cardboard for the body of the forecastle:
I always keep my works on a budget...
And then some other pieces from the sprues to the quarterdeck:
Looks easy (it is), but takes hours and hours
Let's get some paint on that!

Orky style! Plenty of dirty colours

Painting some pieces in advance before glueing them allows me to go on; otherwise I cannot reach them later.
Aaarrr! Periskop' up!

Nice views...

The Helmsork!

Still unfinished here, but you get the idea

The wire was part of the idea of the helm controlling the rudder. Or something

Sooo... This is what this was looking like at this stage:

Now I guess it is looking better

Well, this is it for today. Let me pick up the rest of the pics and I'll show you the final results in a few days ;)


RT Bestiary: Carnivorous Sand Clams

Time for some other beauties from the past :P
'Carnivorous Sand Clams'. Yup, that's it. Giant clams dug in the mud waiting for their prey. Galaxy is a tough place to live in. Deal with it.

There is some history about these. When I saw the beautiful Carnivorous Sand Clams by mighty Sho3box and told him so, he immediately offered himself to collect some shells for me. A few days later I had some Irish sea shells on my workbench. Amazing, uh? Beautiful story between oldgamers. Thanks, man! I owe you!

Sho3box had used individual bases for his Clams, but some of the ones I had were simply too large for that. So I tried a different approach, using old CDs (and a piece of card coming from nowhere):
Hmm, so here they are those old CD's I left on the seashore years ago!
The idea with those is using them as minefileds or something like that. At a determined moment, when a model comes into certain areas, the Game Master should say 'Oh, it looks like the floor was not that safe...' and then put the Clams on the board with some kind of mad laughter (that last part is essential).

So, when I was glueing the shells to the bases, I thought that some additional details would give them some life. Well, life... You know what I mean.
I guess this is exactly what they are supposed to do in game effects
The poor victim is a tank commander with his head replaced by this one from an Imperial Guard set. I used then some green stuff to sculpt the tongue and inner clam:
Kinda abstract, but you will see it better in a minute
I had to paint the inner side before I could glue the valvae. Once glued, it would be absolutely impossible!

Slurp slurp om nom nom

After sanding the bases I could get a rough idea of how all this was going to look like:

Nice day in the beach
 Of course, once you sand a base, you have to paint it next. If not, you will have beach sand all over the place for months. I used different kinds of browns/ochres/greenish/greyish colours:
Now answer the wife when she asks what the hell is that on your keyboard. Come on, answer.
Then I slowly begun to paint the shells themselves. Not even tried a realistic approach. These are alien clams about 2 meters across, after all. I tried some kind of random patterns, almost like wooden streaks or so. Anything should work over here:
I just painted whatever the surface allowed me to do
So, after some hours, the results are like these:
I believe that one is smiling. Or licking its own... lips? Err... valv... ehhh... Whatever

A skull! A predator with a skull on it! This is Warhammer!

That one is having quite a heavy digestion

Let's go have a relaxing escape to the beach, they said

It will be fun, they said

Just ready to be set on any sandy game board

With this I'm done for the moment with the RT Bestiary, as I have nothing else. So I need to search over the internet for new ideas and models! I still have to keep on with the HeroQuest project (and the other hundred ones I still have pending...). However, I'm on a job trip again, so I won't be able to paint anything for a couple of weeks :(

But you won't get rid of me so easily! I still have some archive pics of my old projects, so I'll try to rescue them and post some of those during these days. I'll browse and see what can I find for you...