Painting 'The War of the Ring' Boardgame (Pt.2 Forces of Darkness)

Last monday you saw the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Let me show the rest of the minis for this game, the bad guys:

The Wolves of Isengard

The Uruk-Hai of the White Hand

Shiny Men of the East and South (?)

The Oliphaunts!
Minions of Mordor (sounds like a rock band), servants of the Red Eye
And finally, the Trolls of Mordor
Hey, you noticed? Yup, there's something wrong about the last pic. Let me explain: I quickly primed the Trolls, I carefully painted them, I lovingly based them, I effciently varnished them and... I stupidly left them on my window to dry, on the cover of a card box. Then the wind blew and the cover with the Trolls just fell down to the street. That's how Mordor invented the Troll Paratroopers, the Paratrolls.
I was able to recover five out of six Trolls, but there was one absolutely lost, which I never could find. So I had to do what I could. Imagine?

And now for  a different challenge!

Hulk smash!

It is said that Trolls were made of earth, as a mockery of Ents, but I never imagined I would end up creating Trolls myself!

Hum, cousin, you are a little bit on steroids, aren't you?

This has been my very first attempt of sculpting a mini from scratch, so I'm afraid I still have to improve! But whoah, the model suits for the game, so no matter!

These are the characters: Saruman, Gollum, the Mouth of Sauron and the Witch King:

Yeah, I know, photography course, I know...
And the dreaded Nazgûl:

[Insert scary Nazgûl scream here]
I did not count them, but the box says there are 205 minis for this game. It was quite a work, but I'm glad to say that they look much better now than being just blue or red minis. Hopefully this will help identifying the armies when playing.

Now that I have completed the task, there's only one thing I can do: learn to play! So game report next week ;)


  1. ry nice paint and beautiful figures, I believe that me also I caught the disease of war games ;)
    Un saludo

  2. Thank you! Take care, it is almost impossible to find a cure for this disease! :D

  3. Hahaha. Fantastic story! And a good replacement!

    1. Behold the power of mighty Paratrolls! XD

  4. Me encanta el troll que has modelado, sinceramente está muy bien,además esta mas cachas, jaja.


    1. ¡Gracias! Nunca había esculpido desde cero, tengo que practicar un poco...

  5. Venga ya!
    Alucino, eres un crack!

    1. Jaja, muchas gracias, hombre, tampoco es para tanto. Lleva trabajo, pero luego compensa :)

  6. Amazing set of minis. You rule, man!!! And the story about the paratrolls is priceless :DD

    1. Hehehe, you should have seen me, looking for tiny minis in the street :S