First neighbourhood finished

New installment in my vertical board project!

I have been slowly expanding the town. I had to add new floors and so:

There will be an ascending ramp right there
The issue is that I soon realized that I couldn't move forward without finishing what I already had built. I mean specifically the rock cut houses.

Thre will be another block of houses right there in the centre
The moment I added a new building there I wouldn't be able to reach the interior of that neighbourhood with the brushes. So I had to finish that part before I could go on...

A place to live in
I sprayed the whole thing again to have an uniform colour on the places that were still unpainted and then painted the doors. As it was too plain, I added some piping (the large one is the case of a brush!) and started to work on other details.

Having such an open plaza there was useful in terms of gaming, but I thought I could still add some kind of object to fill in. I found a cologne tap and glued som bits and rubbish onto it...

Air purifier? Comm relay? ATM? Who knows...
Here you can see what I got in the end:

More like a real place
Lights over the doors were almost mandatory, I guess. Of course this is a neighbourhood, so the doors also have a sign over them (the mailman has to identify them so he can deliver all those minis from kickstarters!). AC units, a street lamp... and most definitely tubes and wires, which add a lot of depth to any place.

Still playable. Hardly, but playable
Not quite clean, but still cozy
I thought of adding way more details and colour tones, but I had to keep in mind that this is a gaming board, not a doll house, so this is the compromise within both. While I guess it will be tricky to play this particular part of the town, it's still usable and I'll see to keep it this way when I build in front of it.

This is the board right now
I guess I'll have to work on that large wall on the right before I build the central section, but now you have an insight of my aim here and the general tone I pretend to achieve on the whole board. It looks feasible in my mind, but it's still to be proven on the real world!
It will take some time, but I hope it will be worth of it... Fingers crossed!