A few AvP special features

 Just before I put my hands on the AvP marines faction, I remembered I had some special minis I hadn't painted, so the moment was as good as any other to get those away from the queue.

First of all, a monster I previously knew nothing about, I have to confess. The so called Alien King. I honestly thought there was no larger, more terrifying creature than the Alien Queen, but Prodos proved me wrong.

Hail to the king, baby

Even with my hand for scale, you can hardly get an idea of the size of this monstrosity

Just a refresher. That's a regular Alien. That's the Queen. Ripley's nemesis. You all remember

That is the King. I guess it's a victory of the patriarchy

What can I say. I don't think this thing is even playable, nor that it makes any sense in a game this scale. But there it is. Though the theory for painting it is essentially the same than the regular Aliens, I didn't drybrush it, but highlighted the model using metallics and used inks a little bit more carefully. The result is but a menacing Alien, yet bigger. Because bigger means more badass, apparently.

Let's move on. I had more stuff to do. There are a couple of special characters that came out from the videogames world, rather tahn the movies. Well, sort of.

Major Dutch Schaeffer first appeared, of course, in the original Predator movie. After that, with Schwarzenegger not being back for the sequel, the character moved onto videogames, where he got a bionic arm and this aspect:

Catachan? What is Catachan?

Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa comes also from the AvP videogame. I'm afraid I'm not into the game, so this is the first time I've heard of her.

Nephew of Akira Kurosawa

Next character is known as Specimen 6. Again from another videogame, it is (she is?) quite a fearsome Xenomorph. The miniature itself is a tiny vignette, a pretty striking one, yet not easy to photograph.

Yeah, Number Six was quite different in Battlestar Galactica

I bet she's screaming but you know... in the space no one can hear you scream

Taking pics to Aliens is deceiving, to say the least. The metal bases and the reflection of the light on the bright surfaces of the Xenomorphs make it tricky to find the right angle. Then add my total inability to take decent pics and you have it all :S

The last vignette is called One Last Mission. And it's the ultimate challenge for my puny photo skills. My final boss:

I hope you get an idea of what's happening!

Stomp that bug!

Where does the metal end? Where does the Alien begin? Aaaargh. Looks much better in hand

With these I can close another chapter. Now I can say I only have the Colonial Marines to finish the project. Well, I said that last time, I know. But this time it is true!

I believe.