Those aren't giants, but windmills

Back again! It's been a while, but I've not been idle. For some time I have been wanting to build this specific piece of scenery, but didn't find the proper way. Finally, with the correct raw materials and the aid from the Muse of Rubbish Scratchbuilding, I've come to this. Let me tell you.

These are the source materials. A promotional freebie whisk from a cocoa powder brand and a couple of... airscrews? coming from Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs:

The CD will be the base for all this
 Just for an explanation, I've found an online pic of what was the original purpose of this thing:

You can bet the final result you'll see here has nothing to do with this

OK, let's go. What can I do with all this? Well, you may remember my Moisture Vaporator or the Takeaway Building. So you know the kind of stuff you can expect. My idea this time is to build some kind of windmill or wind turbine:

Something like this

Or probably like this, I have to use all the bits!
There's little mystery in here. The whisk included these gears, so I did have to use them!

This is what enables the upper windmill to turn acording to the air currents
I used a few mdf and card bits. You may spot a junction box, it's one of the bits I'm producing for my ongoing minig village board. But essentially, all you see here is scratch.

An old syringe cut in three

The central one is not a gear axis, but the access to the upper plant
The only GW bit is that hatch on the roof
So let's go on the windmill itself. I used a toothpick and greenstuff...

I built a structure to set the two turbines/fans/whatever
I had to produce a copy of the yellow piece to place the fans
I've run out of black priming, so I used whatever I had at hand
General idea more or less
Then I started the fun with greenstuff cables

The final stages involved painting and weathering, until I got this:

A windmill! Sort of..

A few close-ups:

- Now look, your worship -said Sancho Panzer- , for that is not an Eldar Knight, but a common windmill, the kind that provides electricity with its turbines to villages and airships.
-It is easy to see -replied Don Quirixote- that thou art not used to this business of adventures, for that truly is a foul xeno device and an alien intelligence drives it towards our doom. And if thou art afraid, away with thee out of this and betake thyself to prayer while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat.
So saying, he gave the spur to his steed Ro-102 and charged towards the windmill...

Fly not, cowards and vile beings, for a single knight attacks you!

Let me end with a pic of my themed scratchbuilt stuff.

I'm making a board step by step...
This could have not been easier to do, as you can see, so I declare myself happy with the result. The idea of a windmill was in my mind since I made Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime and Sancho Panzer. I may have to see how I can combine this style of buildings (dirt white, chunky sci-fi looking) with my vertical board, the mining town. It might be fun if I make some experiments.

I'm working on a few projects at the same time (besides boring real life issues, you know), I hope I can bring more stuff soon!