Old School Workshop 8th anniversary

The day has come. Eight years now! Wow. Feel a little bit dizzy (don't worry, it's not covid). This year has been... well, let's say different. I guess there's no need to say more; not that I want to, anyway.

Among this year of setbacks, hobby time became more precious. And any progress, no matter what, is a victory. That goes for everyone, you my dear readers. No matter what you achieved, better or worse, it made the difference.

So, what did I do since last November 27? Let me do this quick catch up:

Realscale Dreadnought. What a monster. I love it.

First version of the mini. Kind of a Christmas Elf.

I changed the blog header with the new year. Old school design!

Firefly board game. Three full copies. Here, the big damn heroes

Slight repaint of the Space Elf and an unexpected companion

I completed the frontal facade of the mining town vertical board

An oldschool project for a giveaway event

The creepy guy. Oh, I do love this mini

As it was 2020, I paid tribute to the Grandfather. Khoron Avir, Champion of Nurgle

The baddies from the Firefly board game

A refuelling station from scratch, using toilet paper roll as the main element (remember those days?)

Khoron Avir and the Cult of the Covidians

Then I suddenly flipped to a more bright note and made this 40K tribute to Grom the Paunch

The Frigate Princesa. A whole new challenge

Around the corner. I guess it's end of phase 1 of the board

Waaagh! Da Mekboy!

Continuation on the Order of the Ossuary

I had to repaint this Dreadnought after... uhhh... an incident

The Dolorous Stroke project. Once again out of my comfort zone

The mining suit

Urban expansion!

Some innocent dungeoning stuff

Another mini for another giveaway event


Moar Orks!

Saracen Undead. Or something.

Another walker out of a Kinder Egg


There has been some variation of subject this year (though I keep mainly doing my usual stuff) and I have slightly tried to go out of my comfort zone. I've been facing large projects like the Firefly thing (it meant 84 minis by itself!), the Dolorous Stroke or, of course, the vertical board, so I needed some one shot projects to take some fresh air. On the whole I'm happy; I don't care about the numbers or the  amount of the output. I just keep on enjoying each project and blogging about them. I of course have much less free time than eight years ago, but I'm still riding the wave, and that's all that matters.

I'm making some slow progress on the vertical board (I guess I'll be able to post something anytime soon) and I'm into another big project (I've started painting the Conan board game Kickstarter, but it's an overwhelming task, it will still take some time), but apart from that I have no real plans for anything (that's something I learnt this 2020!). So I guess I'll just keep on painting whatever I have on the bench -and believe me, I have a lot of job to do!

So, will you walk with me through the plastic plateau? (I'm improvising; 'lead mountain' sounded like such a cliche) :D

Year Nine starts today!


New Wasteland Walker

 It's been a while since I don't build anything silly! About time!

Spoiler! WIP ahead

 If you take the look back, when I built the mining suit with an Ambot I said I had another spare pair of legs. I had to do something with them! The first thing that came to mind was, of course, a walker. You may remember my Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) and his loyal Sancho Panzer. Oh, and the second version I made for a pal of both Quixote and Sancho.

So well, what could I use this time?

Well, the ever reliable Kinder egg, what else?

This is all I had. That's my starting point

I didn't want another horse-like walker. I thought I could explore other shapes. I found this seat and thought I could use it

From a Space Marine Attack Bike, if I'm not mistaken

So there it is!

I started to glue random bits wherever

Though I considered the option of placing the seat at the front of the thing, the idea of placing it at a side looked more interesting to me.

Possibly not comfortable

I needed a rider and I toyed with the idea of sculpting it from scratch, but then I found a Sentinel pilot and said 'hey, I'm too lazy for this shit, I'll just use this guy'.

I greenstuffed the belly to make him fat. But I wanted something else, something distinctive, something that made him different. And then I came with the idea of a mug.

Could be a pint of beer, but the coffee mug made more sense to me

It's but a brush cap, which I cut hoping it could look in place. I wanted him to look like on a dull, boring routine, drinking his bland recaf drink with his scarf up to his ears.

This was the final disposition of the walker then:

Ready to paint!

That's a mere piece of gauze

 My main choices of colour this time were white or orange. Maybe red would have worked too, but I opted for white in the end.

So white priming all over

I forgot to say, of course I added tubes and wires!!

I used my usual recipe. Flat brown wash to dirt it all...

(Remember, paintings and marks need to be done before!)

I should have painted metals and black before, and then dirtied with brown

But it was working, so I kept on

Second layer of weathering using darker brown, and finally very dark brown with a sponge

I also forgot to mention that jerry can! It's hanging with thread :D

So here you have the final result. I painted a silly 'Ego -love- Terra' on the mug. It was simple enough; had I tried anything more complex I would have ruined it. Less is more. Of course it's bad Latin and inaccurate grammar, but makes the pun recognizable, so it's staying :P

He looks cold and miserable. A hot beverage is the only thing he has in life

Damn, it's so ugly it hurts. That screams Rogue Trader to me!

Stumbling through the wastelands since M.35

Oh, you hadn't seen my sexy rear parts

A final shot, alongside his fellow walkers, so you have a size comparison:

This one looks dirtier then the previous ones!

Well, it looks like I finally put those legs to an use at last! Hmmm, what else can I build now...?