Rogue Trader Ork Mob

 Moar Orksies t'day!

I'm completing this RT Ork Unit. I stil had (redrum)... RT Orks in their sprues. In their sprues! I'm not lying! Fresh new! These last couple of weeks I felt myself like 30 years younger, thrilled like the first day. Oh, what a feeling! :D

 Not really much to say, I went for the flashy approach again and with different skin colours.

Oh, and flat bases. Just because

Huey, Louie and Dewey

I made a couple of conversions this time. First one is the banner bearer, as I wanted to have one. Pretty frustrating that my awful pics burnt colours again, as usual. I really promise that the flag looks much (much) better in hand.

Both red and yellow look absolutely plain, as well as the clothes. Seriously, they are not!!


The other conversion is, I believe, the longest due I had to pay. By far. Long tiem ago, at some moment in between the Eocene and the Oligocene, give or take, a friend of mine gave me this Ork he had painted long time ago, in his teens. He told me something like 'yes, I know, I know, it's a shitty mini, but I'm kinda fond of it, I made this conversion long time ago when I was starting; I'm giving it to you, but I'd like that, if you ever repaint it, please keep its essence, the way it was conceived'.

This is what I got:

Some kind of looter, bearing the stolen gear

When you have a problem it's sometimes a good idea to break it into smaller problems...

I mean it

There was simply no way to unglue that backpack and that arm. Impossible

I liked the idea of the looter, and I tried to keep my work as close to the original as I could. So I left all the armour pieces irregularly stacked over the backpack. I made some greenstuff ropes to keep the pieces together, but it was pretty much all of it.

I didn't know what Chapter was the marine originally from (I guess my pal wanted him to be an Ultramarine), but the stripes on the helmet somehow reminded me the Rainbow Warriors, a Chapter I have never painted before, so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. This is the final result:

Loota 2.0

Messy ropes!!

Well, so here you have them all:

Annoying burnt pic

You can see the yellow & black checkered pattern as the theme for this unit, something I used on the previous batch. Here they are all together:

80's power!

I could (should?) add a metal Nob or something. Maybe I'll do it. But for now I'm happy with da boyz as they are. I currently have no more plastic RT Orks, but I have like tons of metal ones and plastic 2nd Ed ones, so there's still plenty of Ork tide ahead!