Beauty and the Beast

You may remember the Elda Space Elf from a few weeks ago. I said I wasn't quite happy with the colours and that I may have to repaint the mini. Well, I finally did so. I opted for the Biel Tan scheme, so green instead of red...

...and all the spirit stones painted
Still suspiciously Christmas-like, yet an improvement, I think
Right after finishing this mini (again) I found this other one wandering through the lead mountain.

You didn't see this coming, uh?
The Fomorian Bounty Hunter by Knightmare Miniatures is something I purchased as part of the Space Raiders kickstarter some time ago. About time to spill some paint on this beauty (What? You were assuming the Beauty was the other one?)

A Space Fimir. Deal with it
Barsoom? No, never heard of that place
It's quite a straightforward paintjob, as I think the mini was asking for this kind of palette. Didn't want to overdo it or oversaturate colours, so everything here is a conscious decision (well, apart from quality, you know).
The sculpt itself is a work over the original fantasy Fomorian by Diego Serrate too (which I recall getting on another kickstarter, but now I'm unable to locate it on Knightmare's web)

Maybe not that much, but I'd like to think there's an evolution as a painter here
So having painted these two on a row, I suddenly begun to see a connection. Two rogue space adventurers, outcast warriors taken apart from their respective worlds and now wandering together through the galaxy on a quest that will take them through endless adventures. An odd couple shoulder to shoulder in an unexpected alliance against evil, wherever they find it.

Beauty and the Beast (I insist, the Beauty is the Fimir)
Will they earn forgiveness? Will they return as heroes to their homes? Or will they keep on travelling through the edge of the Galaxy beyond the limits of known space?

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I'm happy with the result, and how such different minis can team up this way. I honestly have no idea of what will I paint next, but I'll tell you as soon as I discover it myself! :D