Monday, 7 June 2021

Catapulted to fame

 While working on the Gargant I like to keep on painting other little side projects, small things that leave me at least a glimpse of what closure must be :D

Among the many lovely treasures Iain from Cave Adsum 1471 provided me I found the legendary Squig Katapult, a model I always wanted to have but I had never the chance to own. I cannot state how eager I was to finally spill some paint on such an iconic piece of Ork ordnance.

I have always seen it painted black, as part of Goff warbands. But I knew I wanted something different...

Is it different enough this way?

I should check what is written down there

Buzzer Squigs ready to launch

 In the uneven case you are not familiar with Squig Catapults please let me copypaste:

Buzzer Squigs are an insect-like variation of the Squig typically used by Orks in a Squig Katapult, as they are very vicious and a swarm can strip the flesh off a man-sized creature within seconds. Buzzer Squigs are found among Ork fungus groves and are trapped in pots by Gretchin. The special pots are made from sun-baked mud, drilled with tiny holes to allow the Squigs inside to breathe. The top of the vessel is corked shut and sealed with more mud once a good number of Squigs has been put inside.

Normally the Squigs feed by burrowing into other, larger Squigs or small animals such as rats, so when they are captured they soon begin to get very hungry. They can be kept without food in the pot for many solar weeks, getting angrier and more savage all the time.

Gretchin can tell which pots contain the angriest Squigs from the high pitch of the droning and the vibrations of the pot as the Squigs try to burrow out (the walls of the pot must be made thick and hard). These pots, each containing a small swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, are the missiles fired by the Squig Katapult. The pot cracks open on impact, releasing the swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, who attack anyone nearby.

 Pure orkiness. I love it. In fact this description gave me a silly idea of what to do with the Gretchin crew for the Katapult. You know, you need two of them. I made quite an ordinary conversion for the first one:

I've been wanting to use that wrench for ages

But I took another path for the other Gretchin, as I wanted something more specific, a Buzzer Squig keeper, the guy who loads the Katapult.

Well, of course I got inspiration from a beekeper. The thing is that I tried to do the hat...

...and now he looks more like a catholic cardinal than a beekeper D:

As I was doing the Gretchin crew, I thought I could also paint an Ork Runtherd, so there was someone in charge of all these buggers!

The arm is from the Kopta pilot, I guess?

So this is how they look when painted:

I added a thin net to the hat!

Watcha mean you not happy? [whip] Carry da squigs, you lil grot!

This is the whole set!

If you throw living creatures at your enemy, does it count as biological warfare?

I have some more artillery pieces, but I really wanted to paint this one first. Enjoyable tiny project, and I recovered the pleasure of doing silly, small conversions.

I don't know what I'll be doing next. Moar Orks? Likely, but who can be sure? I'll keep on updating you!

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Ork Gargant. Da body (Pt.2)

 OK! We were coming from this post! About time I show some progress!

I left you with the front of the Gargant in its basic colours. Here you can see the same process on the back of the monster:

First layer of basic colours

So once I had finished Stage 1 all over I begun to think about details. For example that bulge on the front. The Ork Boob. Now you can't unread it. Ork Boobs.

Not too original, I know

Not sure if a moon or cheese

Oldschool Bad Moon!

I highlighted the plates, rivets and flames and gave consistent colours to all the rest of the pieces. I'm assuming you can hardly tell from the pic below, so please take my word. I really did it

It took a ludicrous number of hours and it even doesn't show on the pic. Great

 I added some small details here and there, but I didn't want to overdo it, I think it already has quite an amount of focal points to draw your attention.

I just did a few small trimmings and so

OK, so what if we spend some time on da feet?

Same process than the rest of the body. Yellow primer, yellow Contrast, you know.

Can you read this?

The same thing but after washes and highlights

Painting these glyphs I'm becoming with a crazy idea. Well, even crazier than the regular stuff. I was thinking that it would be cool if colour had an actual impact on Ork language. Just the same that happens for example in Japanese, in which sometimes the same written word can have different meanings depending on the pronunciation. What if different colour combinations on the glyphs made different nuances on the meaning of the word?

Well, OK, whatever. Anyway, I painted these randomly, so I'm not giving it much more of a thought. Maybe next time.

Next step was the super delicate moment of weathering the whole thing. I was really sure that it needed something, but definitely not too much. It had to be bright. Yellow. Oldschool.

In the end I only used the old sponge trick and restrained myself, so the pieces still looked decent.

Da finished feet

The same goes for the rest of the body. Dark brown with the sponge, mainly wherever I had previously screwed the paintjob in any way :D

I additionaly washed the rivets in brown and slightly weathered the pieces.

So this is it for now!

Large Ork for scale reference

Hey ya! Watch your step!


Weren't you just going the opposite direction just a second ago?

 Progress on this beast is necessarily slow, as it takes a lot of hours on every tiny thing you decide to add, but I have to say I'm enjoying every minute spent on it.

Da Gargant is becoming real!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

I painted half a mini

 ... well, sort of. At least the upper half of a mini :P

Death Korps of Krieg is everyone's favourite. Period. They are kind of the absolute essence of WH40K. They have a tragic background, lots of suffering and attrition... yet they embrace the full cheesy grimdark vibe that made 40K what it is (or what it was), without falling in the excesses of modern editions. I mean, they don't have the kind of ridiculous bullshit background by Matt Ward, that kind of stuff so over the top that makes you laugh when it was supposed to be epic.

The Death Korps of Krieg are obviously ridiculous over the top, but not in the same way. They have that kind of tragic setting that embodies the Dark Millenium, but their whole spirit of sacrifice and abnegation take deep roots in the Rogue Trader times of exaggerated black humour about... well, about everything. I mean, do you remember that time when the enemy surrendered yet they kept on bombarding the rebel hive for five years, though there had not been traces of life after three years? Yup, that's Krieg.

I'm digressing and I haven't even started. Let's talk about minis. I got this 3D printed Krieg bust thanks to a friend. It is glorious:

Love at first sight

 This was my first bust ever, so I was kind of scared of working at this unexplored scale. But hey, I got into Krieg mood...

I had painted Krieg before, a commission for a friend. But that was long ago; in fact even before I started the blog, so I haven't ever shown them. Anyway, I fell in love with them and I've been toying with the idea of starting a force for myself since then.

Until that moment comes, I have eased my spirit with the bust. First thing was, obviously, base colours:

The damn thing is big
Agrax it! Deeply!
Ahh, even smells like trench...

 I know I should have started with the longcoat, but I painted leather straps instead. No explanation. The Emperor demanded.

Gas mask too

Then the details on the visor and the rad meter (or whatever that thing is!)

Highlights on the coat, shoulderpads and helmet

 I wasn't sure of how to paint the numbers on the shoulderpad. Official sources depict only the Regiment number, and that was my final decision too, but I had some ideas of making my life more complicated, stating Regiment, Company and Platoon. You know, that stuff. In the end less is more.

The impact makes the third number unreadable. We will never know!

Yeah, I first painted the numebrs grey and then made the inner part in white. Krieg masochism

Pretty close to the end

I may look for a better base, but for now this one works:

So what can I say? I finally put the kind of attention I should put on a 28mm mini! But on a bust! :D

I've found the experience interesting, I've enjoyed it a lot, especially considering this scale was a first time for me. Now I have to struggle with myself just to not immediately go to Forge World web and get a whole Krieg army. I mean, in these times of pandemics it doesn't hurt to have a nice, reliable mask, does it?

Friday, 23 April 2021

Back to the or(k)igins

Some years ago I took a hard choice. I gave all my Orks away (modern ape-shaped, space junker Orks) and I decided I wanted to go back to the roots. I kept my RT and 2nd Ed Orks and vowed myself to rebuild a force worth of Gork (or probably Mork). I also got like a couple of tons of other RT stuff, so I decided to start from nothing, repaint what I had and paint what I was getting.

That was years ago and I have been neglecting this for too long. Recently (well, 'recently' in this blog's terms, ahem) I received a lot (I mean a lot) of more wonderful RT Ork stuff from mighty Iain from Cave Adsum 1471, who is more than a gentleman. (Thank you, sir!) It is a shame he has turned exclusively into historical stuff, I would have loved to see this Orkish stuff painted by his hand. Whatever the case, now I had the responsibility to give these chaps some colour!

I have started with basic plastic infantrymen infantryorks. Ohh, it had been ages since I last painted any of this kind.

Long time I even hadn't seen any of these!

I did a pretty straightforward paintjob, nothing too complicated. Colour explosion at will, with no resemblance of uniformity of any kind. No Clan allegiance whatsoever. That doesn't mean I'm refusing using Clans in this project; I might use them in the future, but I fancied this approach better on these guy.

That's a suspiciously modern head!

Finding suitable heads was kind of an issue, but I managed to provide a solution. Not ideal, but will work for now, at least until I find a better one.

Not sure if the guy in the middle is charging or if he just stood over a Lego

You can see I also broke the greenskin monotony. I thought some variety on the skin colours would also be nice for a change. So this blog shows the compromise with diversity and against the tyranny of a single skin colour. Say no to Ork racism (Well, say no to any racism, you know. I was trying to be funny and I may be opening a can of worms instead).

Fortunately no gender issues have been reported among the Ork community, but we will remain vigilant.

Just a couple of group pics to finish:

There's a kind of heraldry, right. I have some more plastic Orks, so I'm planning to expand this squad, and I'll be using the yellow & black chequered pattern to ID them.

But that will be another day! Today I declare myself happy with what will be the first unit of my upcoming Ork warband. More to come!

Saturday, 10 April 2021

(Belated) Easter Eggs

 I wasn't really planning to start this project at the time, but last week I looked at my calendar and I saw it was Easter, and then I inexplicably fancied painting some Easter eggs.

Unfortunately I didn't have any at hand, so... I painted the closest thing I could find around.

Awful pic, even by my standards

These are part of the other large kickstarter campaign I got into in 2015, the Aliens vs Predator game by Prodos Games. I guess the story of this KS doesn't need to be told. Enough to say it experienced some... troubles and wasn't delivered until three years later or so. Long story short, I was quite dissapointed. By the day the game arrived I didn't really recall what my pledge contained (Remember? Just the same that happened with the Conan KS), but I was pretty sure I hadn't ordered some items. Whatever.

Let's focus on the silver lining. The minis are really good. I mean it. I have already played the game and I have enjoyed it. So I really had no reason to not paint them all, and having finished the Conan thing, this moment was as good as any other. So be it!

Most definitely Easter Eggs

I started them last week, but just finished them today. Harsh week, you know. It would have been fun to post them during Easter, but couldn't make it. However, here they are.

Alongside the eggs I also painted these lovely facehuggers.

I'm no biologist, but these are the strangest Easter Bunnies I've ever seen

 I'm painting my own set and my pal's too at the same time, so I guess you can expect a lot of minis on this project! This time I will be posting minis as I paint them, not as I did with the Conan game. Or at least this is my intention today. Don't know if I will keep the plans next month :D

For now I can say Hadley has little Hope

This is it for today. I cannot say what I will paint next (or when!), as I still have maaany other ongoing projects, but well, it will be fun to discover!

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Know, oh prince

 Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas...

...there was a kickstarter full of all the minis one could imagine, and even some more undreamed of, which was supposed to cover every possible Cimmerian adventure, and because of that it was delayed, and delayed, and then delayed again. Hither came the board game, with all kind of details and ups and downs and all things kickstarter has taught us to fear. So then, like two (or three?) years after the estimated arrival date, I didn't even remember what was my pledge or why had I dared to tread the dangerous steps of kickstarter with my sandalled feet.

 Well, I guess you guessed, I was a backer of the Monolith Conan Board Game Kickstarter. When it was released I got super excited about the whole thing and I threw all my money to my screen. I'm not sure about the dates, but it was more or less at the same time than the Aliens vs Predator Kickstarter by Prodos, some moment along 2015, I believe. Wow, what a crazy year, I can tell now. I got into both KS and both were disastrous (OK, the AvP was much worse, of course), at least in terms of waiting for the product to arrive. Thinking of it I realise that even the Suberling Prime wasn't even born by then -well, that explains why I was bold enough to get into a couple of KS such like these! They have definitely been the last KS this size I have backed. Lesson learned.

I won't speak of the AvP KS today (that will eventually come), but when this Conan KS arrived I was suddenly terrified. It was the King Pledge and a tiny add-on, which made barely below 5 Kg (about 11 pounds) of plastic and cardboard. Where, oh where was I supposed to storage those two huge boxes.

I finally found the strenght of will to paint it. Why, you wouldn't expect me to play it unpainted, would you? Conan may be a Barbarian, but I'm defintely not.

BEWARE: There are a lot of pics ahead. I mean a lot. I usually don't like to split projects through the blog, though it's inevitable and I do it all the time. But just for once I decided to keep everything at bay and release all the pics at the end, so I can show the whole project.

Just to get an idea of what I mean, here you have a shot of the whole set:

I haven't made the numbers, but I think they must be close to a couple of hundreds, furniture included

Well, seeing them all together now is a little bit shocking. Did I really paint all that?

Before the close-ups, let me say a word about the models. They are all great. Finely sculpted and casted, though you can certainly tell there are different sculptors involved, which is no surprise, given that Modiphius Entertainment had to offer continuous updates as stretch goals and add-ons during the kickstarter campaign; there was no way a single designer/sculptor could handle all that.

As far as I can tell, all the concept art comes from most talented Adrian Smith and Georges Clarenko, which of course is great. The thing is that they made an awesome work, as expected, but in fact it sometimes was... too original, if you know what you mean. It was Adrian Smith's (or Clarenko's) view of Conan's world, and that made some designs (and some models) different from the aesthetics I was more used to through the years.

I mean, the whole set looks coherent, which is obviously the most important thing. But there are so many things in here that at some point I was like 'Oh, nice, let's paint this Bêlit. Cool, let's paint the fifth iteration of Conan with different clothes. Hmm, these skellies are really something. Uhh, who was this guy again? And this other one? Why are these two ladies essentially identical, are they the same character?'

You see, there was a moment in which I didn't know what I was really painting anymore, and that eventually became an issue for me. I don't know, maybe in the end I was not as such a big fan of Conan as I thought I was, but it sometimes was a little bummer to think I was painting an unknown character from a short story I read long time ago and I wasn't able to recognise just for the artwork or the miniature.

Anyway, I believe you came here to see the pics. Let's go for them!

The minis appear in no particular order, mostly as they came in the boxes. Maybe I should have grouped them together by novels/stories (in fact that would have made sense!) but I was a little bit overwhelmed taking care of where to pack each mini back in their correct spot on the tray!

Anyway, here you have them:

Conan the Mercenary, Olgerd Vladislav, Taurus, Conan the Wanderer

Khemsa, Ageera (allegedly from The Snout in the Dark), Hyperborean Primitive, Constantius

Pallantides, Conan the General, Amboola, Conan the Warlord

OK, four pics and four Conans so far. Ahem. Let's keep on...

Warlock, Gitara, Akivasha, Natohk

Pelias, Savage Bêlit (not sure of the difference with a regular Bêlit), Kerim Shah, Othryades

 Just a word about this last one, Othryades. It's not purely a character from the Conan universe, but apparently a promotional mini exclusively provided with the Kickstarter campaign to promote the Mythic Battles Pantheon KS by the same company, Monolith. This is the best example of what I said earlier. When I received this mini, about three years after the KS campaign ended, I didn't even remember it as any stretch goal or whatever, and neither could I identify who this obvious Spartan was or where he fitted in the Hyborean Age. But at that moment that was kind of my general feeling about this whole game!

Whatever. Let's go on. More pics.

Kothian archer, Balthus

Fun fact: The Kothian archer was first designed to depict Balthus, but later on this new design was approved and the mini apparently was demoted to a generic archer

The wild dog on the right is apparently a character, Slasher, from the Beyond the Black River novella

(That's right, this KS got so insane we even got a mini of a wild dog appearing in a Conan story. No further questions, your Honor)

Gray Man-Ape, Swamp Demon, Bone Golem, Forest Demon

Hyborian Ikea

Thaug. Not the cousin of the Watcher in the Water

I really didn't know who did these tentacles belong to, so I painted them like Thaug. Just in case

Most generic Conan, Conan as Amra the Lion, Shevatas, Hadrathus

N'Gora, Bêlit, Valeria, Princess Octavia

Bêlit's Guards

Zelata and her wolf, pirate captain Zaporavo, Khosatral Khel


More pirates!

Captain of the Bossonian Guard, Zogar Sag (Pict shaman), Outer Dark Demon

Bossonian Guards

Even more Bossonian Guards

Bossonian archers. All the Bossonian Marches in a game!

Thak, Dark Demon, Skuthus

 As far as my research dared to go, Skuthus is a necromancer that allegedly appeared in the first draft of The Hour of the Dragon. A draft! We have a character from a draft of a novel! Sigh

Pict Archers

Pict Warriors

Pict Hunters



Seriously, amazing for HeroQuest or whatever

The same goes for the skeletons

Skellies might be my favourites from the whole ranges

They are totally cool

Right out from The Lion King cast

It was a real pain to highlight the scales individually

Thog (seriously, this is more Nurgle than half the official GW Nurgle models)

Conan's lion. You know, the whole Amra stuff

EXTRA BONUS: Besides the whole King Pledge, I also got this extra box, the "Brom Box", with alternate Conan and Bêlit minis, designed by Brom in quite a Frazetta style.

 This is all, I promise!

Finally, I'm showing these last pics more as a resource than anything else. They are a reminder of where does each mini fit into the tray:

Well, can't believe you made it! You got to the end of the post, congratulations! Crom strong on his mountain smiles.
What can I say, this has been quite an endeavour. A high adventure, if I may say so. This partly explains the slow path of updates during the last... year, maybe? I know, I could have made quite a number of separate posts (maybe I should have done that!) but I have to say it's quite a satisfying feeling to release all this content at once, it gives me a particular sense of closure. So be it!
Oh, but believe me or not, I'm not done with Conan yet. I still have minis belonging to a totally different project, nothing to do with this Modiphius game. I don't know when I'll be able to paint them, but whenever it comes... this story shall also be told.