Christmas (Space) Elf

First of all, belated merry Xmas! These days are totally crazy and the painting queue doesn't go down at all!
But as the last post of the year I wanted to paint something, a mini at least. I chose this one, an Elf I got from Hasslefree long time ago:

Plus a couple of bits to Eldarize the mini
I love the pose. As soon as I saw the mini I knew I needed it. Funny thing, I have never had an Eldar force before, and I really don't plan on starting one by now. It was a standalone project, just because. The armour looked Eldar-ish enough and I had little or no conversion work to do, as you can see.

Unsure of what Craftworld to choose, I started painting the armour cold white. I knew I wanted bright colours, nothing dark at all. Maybe that was my mistake, as I ended up painting a really bright red tabard. Sorry, didn't take WIP pics. The thing is that I suddenly couldn't see but Christmas colours on the mini. It reminded me my Christmas Elven Warband for Frostgrave so much that  I simply couldn't unsee it anymore.
'Ahhh... I guess I'll have to repaint that tabard... But... That can wait. Isn't it Christmas anyway?'

So I finished the job and got this:

She just needs a touch of green
Pinting snowflakes would have been too much, even for me
I may repaint the tabard differently. I may not. We'll see next year. For the moment I have this sweet Elda warrior ready to defend Craftworld Rovaniemi :D

Scale comparison shot next to classic Ragnar
And next to a realscale Space Marine
Note the different base, I think she scales up nicely
To be honest, I ordered another Elf alongside this mini; from the Red Box ranges. It also was love at first sight. Unfortunately they didn't match as expected. It's not that the mini is shorter than the warrior, they are really a different scale.

Beautiful, nevertheless
The thing is that a friend was so gentle to give me away this other guy, which I think looks too large, but may work alongside her.

Not that I'm starting an Eldar army
Whatever I may do with these, that will be a matter for 2020 :D
Happy new year to all!! See you soon again!


Out of time and scale

I couldn't blame you if you forgot I have a Rogue Trader era Ultramarines army. Whenever I manage to recover all my old pics from the Tinypic disaster I will be able to proof what I'm saying.

Well, the point is that I have recovered a piece from oblivion. I got this RT era Dreadnought some years ago (four? five?) at the Oldhammer Forum. I've finally decided to paint it! About time!

Wow, that's large
I never had a RT Space Marine Dread back in the day, and I really fancied to paint one. I'm afraid I have few things to tell, as the paintjob is pretty straightforward. Lots of blue (and different layers of highlighting)...

I opted for bone white instead of a cold colour
...and then lots of tiny details to make it look proper oldschool. I remembered I had these decals and I decided to use a few. First time in... well, many, many years!

I didn't want to weather it or to add rust/dirt/whatever. Though tempting, I thought it would be better to stick to the pure RT aesthetics. With that in mind, I decided to add a back banner, as no Rogue Trader project is complete without one. I didn't want to bring more blue to the model, it was maybe too much. But then I got an idea. I blatantly stole other people's idea for I know no shame. I took some slight inspiration from Curis' recent Techmarine back banner, as I thought it really worked.

That's the only base I had that fitted this monster
It's never too late to have one of these within your ranks
Look at the size of this beast:

No, it's not a Codex cover
Well, someone's asking for a repaint, uh?
Excuse me, may I have this dance?
So here it is, a Contemptor Class Space Marine Dreadnought (commonly known as Chuck). Yup, this is a Contemptor, not that... thing that is sold nowadays.
My favourite Dread of all times has always been the Second Edition one (the one from a couple of pics above), but I have to concede this one has its own particular charm, as strange it may sound. I may repaint mine (though not in the near future, I have enough projects!), but I have some more stuff to do in the meantime! Stay tuned!