New old beasts (More RT fauna)

Some time ago a new initiative came up in the Oldhammer Forum. The mastermind Diego Serrate AKA 'Obscure Creator' has been a busy bee in recent times. He has been sculpting oldskool looking minis on his own. Let me bring you up the first one, a Space Minotaur!

Space Minotaur looking for a Space Theseus

Lost in Labyrinth

I should have added some tatoos, now that I think of it...

A better front view:

Whatcha lookin'?

I used a brown palette, but I believe black would fit in better. Don't worry, I have another Mino, so I'll try black with him ;)
Also the red pattern for the stuff adds a touch of colour. It was a decision I came up with when I faced the project, as I also had a few Phagons by EM4 and wanted all the bunch to look the same:

Should I shave my goatee?

So the whole bunch so far looks like this:

Horned furries, they all make a great team

So here they are, ready to terrify the galaxy! I'll be adding another Minotaur, and I'll show other creations by the same sculptor as soon as I can. Stay tuned!

EDIT: Here you have the facebook link to Obscure Creator aka Troll Outpost. :)


Zombie Dogs

Yup, I know, my originality with titles has slipped all the way down during summer. But no one can tell me I'm not being honest with what I offer :D

Just the zombie dogs for Zombicide. No additions nor conversions. I just cut out the central support from the bases and let the puppies to stand on their own:
Woof arf woof

Grrrr arf woof woof

Woof woof Meleé Islandtm woof

Arf woof LeChuck arooo

If you are wondering about the scale, let me bring this pic, alongside Games Workshop and Hasslefree:

A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do
Finally, here they are, the twenty of them:
Now I need some zombie cats!!

These puppies can be a nightmmare in the game, they add lots of fun. You can see I've been slowing down my blog rate during August. I'm not having that much time so I'm facing easy projects not too much time consuming while I run my other side projects. I hope to come back to regularity soon!


Project HeroQuest: Chaos Warriors

A few more guys for HeroQuest! Quite an easy job this time, you know I tend to keep things simple, and I have done so this time too.

I thought of a different set of combinations and going real oldschool with these, I mean colourful armours in red, purple, blue and yellow. But I soon discarded the idea, I thought I still could make them look integrated in the game with more usual colours. So black was my most obvious option:
Does this armour make me look fat?

The recipe is the usual, a mix of black, dark prussia blue and grey, in different proportions for highlighting. I guess that's pretty much it, no big deal. I also thought of adding some trimming patterns with silver or any other colour, but... you know, I'm too lazy. Guilty as charged. I really thought I wasn't ready to do that work to all the minis.
Buuut, instead of that, some of them have slight modifications:
Repositioned arms, that's all

So not those flamboyant Chaos Warriors you can spot over the web, but some modest guys to make things difficult to the hero buddies in the dungeon.
Bullies in black
I have been browsing the net in search of more furniture and I believe I can find almost anything. I need to work more on that aspect, but for the moment I guess everything is on schedule. Well, that would be if I had a schedule, but you know what I mean...


Orpheus Khaled, bounty hunter

Well, looks like we could add some unexpected fun to any urban scenario involving Arbites and/or fugitives. What about a bounty hunter? When I saw this mini by Heresy Miniatures, I knew I wanted it. It just has the same low sci-fi urban aspect I was looking for this RT project. I could use it just as it is:
Well, now he looks a little pale, give me a moment, please

I only added him a sword, in order to warhammerize him a little. However, you remember the issues I faced with my previous mini, the outlaw, regarding the gigantic sword. I worked on something smaller here:
Cut and paste from here and there

It was made by using the blade of a power sword of unknown origin and the hilt and ferrule from an old Space Wolves knife. Nothing too elaborate nor too big (well, it is going to be big, but you know how this works...)
Once painted, I only had to add a strip for the rifle, made with green stuff:
Beige guns are standard these days

As I was not converting the mini, I thought it could be nice painting it in comic-style colour pattern, just to make it look prominent on the table. Maybe he is too much a mix of Akira and Fry, but the leather jacket was asking for a motorbike looking.
BTW, Han Solo called, he wants his pants back

The mini is great by itself, and can be used ad hired muscle, rogue operative, outlaw fugitive or, as I am using it for the moment, a solo bounty hunter who may have some interest in hunting down any fugitive with a juicy warrant on him...
Scenery to be added in the future

Orpheus Khaled was once a local bailiff at Murghalabad. Hard place to play only at one side of the law. He eventually ended up using his police skills to ensure he was not caught on his smuggling and 'private security' issues. He was suspected to be part of a local anti-imperial cell and in fact was involved in an Arbites investigation on the subject, but he finally flew out of the planet and started a wandering, errant life through all the sector. At some point he discovered his abilities could be used to put down people just like him, so he begun a bounty hunter career, happy to have a daily challenge for a living. Last seen near the Besenval Port facilities, looks like he might be following the track of any of the dangerous scum dwelling the area...