You may think I have abandoned my Genestealer Cult project (and I could not blame you!) but it's not the case at all! I have been working on today's minis for some time, but only now I've been able to finish them.

Loong time ago a friend of mine gave me three WHFB Ogres. He had tried to make WH40K Ogryns, but had never gone beyond kitbashing and priming them. My original idea was making some bulky Ork Nobz out of them, but I never really committed to the project. Then, a few weeks ago, I suddenly envisioned what I could really do with such minis. Hybrid Ogryn Genestealers (or is it Ogryn Hybrid Genestealers? Genestealer Hybrid Ogryns? Hmmm...)

The base was there, I only had to give shape to what I really wanted to show. They should be part of the mining guys I already have, so some boring gear was in order. These guys should be tasked with heavy, simple duties, so they shouldn't look very hi-tech at all. Drillers, rock-cutting saws, stuff like that. With that in mind I got these:

Some kind of pneumatic driller. Or something
Rock pincers. Probably
That's quite a saw!
 This was also my chance to bring a fourth guy for the crew, a fantasy football big tough ogre by Hungry Troll I got as a deal some time ago:

That's a saw from a Sentinel walker :D
No news colour-wise speaking, just the same scheme I had used for my previous Genestealer Cult minis:

Regular skin with different shades of purple

I tried to achieve more different skin tones, but failed
However, I hope they work as they are
Looks different from the others, but still in place. Let's say it's a 4th generation Hybrid
All of them!
Less impressive, but the enemies are not supposed to see thir rears
Here you can see them alongside an Aberrant (I guess I should use their rules?).

Man, these guys are big

Down in the catacombs...

I hope those scaffoldings resist!

BONUS! If these are arguably the biggest minis in thisGenestealer Cult project, I'm also bringing the smallest ones! I thought it would be fun for the Magus to have servo-skulls. Servo-skulls are quite an iconic element in WH40K since the beginning, and anyone slightly relevant in the Imperium has one. So if the Cult is somehow mimicking the Imperial structures, I thought it would be logical that the leaders wanted to have their own sign of position.
So I took a couple of servo-skulls and toyed with Gaunt skulls and greenstuff...

There's a pin inside the cables

So they can stand this way
Awww, aren't they cute?
Aye, pal, these give us... distinction

This is it for the moment. I don't really know what will be next, but I'll try to make sure it's also fun! :D


Interlude: Some literature [commercial]

A kind of quick guest post today, as it's not the usual stuff here. A friend of mine just published a novel on Amazon and asked me to make some tiny promotion on the blog ;)

Spanish only, I'm afraid (I already urged him to translate!). Only thing I can tell you is:

When Kilumaras, fed up with the behavior of his creation, broke the world, humanity split up and wandered in the shadows. With The One Who Brings the Light disappeared, men surrendered their will to science, superstition and any corruption they found in their way, for darkness does not understand of void and craves to claim any space that can be taken. A prophecy has been revealed, three children are born under a red sky; three guardians of the old world must join their path to theirs; three destinies that could be one alone. Did Kilumaras truly abandon the world to its fate? Will he forget his creation when it needs him the most?

I haven't read it yet (it's been released just today!) so I cannot tell you any more, but if you feel fluent enough in Spanish, you can find it HERE.

All the best, pal! Go translate it! ;)


Shadespire Slayers

It's been a month since I last wrote anything on the blog. Wow. What can I say, you all know how life can be from time to time. I've barely been able to use ten minutes from here and there, so the minis I'm bringing today have taken almost a month to be finished when I could/should have done them in about a week.

But that's enough whining! You came here to see minis!

These are a commission for a friend, the Chosen Axes warband from the Shadespire/Warhammer Underworld game. You know, those weird dwarfwhatever are they called nowadays. My pal obviously didn't like them (no explanation needed, of course, it's quite evident) and he asked me if I could save the poses but turn them into classic looking Dwarf Slayers. You know, trousers and stuff.
I argued that it would be easier to turn them into Dwarf Hawkmen for a Flash Gordon ambientation, but he insisted. Ahem. OK, so Slayers they are.

I had to sculpt trousers, remove the helmets and sculpt bare heads with the mohawks. Fortunately my pal gave me a couple of actual Slayers heads, that made it definitely easier, as there are some helmets that cannot be removed whatsoever. Judge by yourselves:

The only thing worst than a Slayer is a drunken Slayer
First time I ever sculpt ears
I think I made his head bigger than any helmet
His axe blade went to the boss, I had to look for another one for him

 Painting them was supposed to be easy. I used the very classic white and blue stripes trousers:

Obelix Clan

But my friend considered they looked too uniform. Damn, he was right. These are not part of a militia or any regiment. They wear whatever they want! So I saved one and repainted the other three. My closest inspiration here were classic Gauls and Celts, but with a twist of my own, so they enede up looking like this:


No much more to say, this is the final result:

Mandatory family shots:

Colourful pals, aren't they?
 It's been a fun project, even if I'm not a huge fan of Warhammer Dwarf aesthetics. These have posed some new challenges (oh, man, to combine those sprues!) and it's been nice to make something so oldschool looking but with new materials and all the advantages of current models.

This is it for now, I really hope it doesn't take me another month to bring new stuff