Splatta Kannon

 A short pause in the Astropolis project so I can offer something different today :)

The title says it all, I've repainted my old Splatta Kannon. I didn't take a pic of the 'before' stage, as I took for granted I had an archive pic, but now that I'm posting it all I've realised I haven't. Well, I guess it's better for you, it was painted like in 1995 or 96 by the very younger me. No comment.

So new paintjob!

The original gun was painted in Bad Moon Clan colours. I really liked it, so this time I simply updated my previous work, didn't really innovate. I fortunately kept the yellow primer from the Gargant.

I can do a whole Bad Moon Waaagh!

So I replicated the work, but at this little scale. I used Iyanden Yellow Contrast paint as an ink:

I'm using a Contrast as an ink. You can expect anything from me!

Then I made the black fames and Orky stuff:

Orky stuff!

I mean, it's quite a basic scheme (and paintjob!), but I honestly need no more.

A pic from another angle

I also repainted the little gunnerz, but it also was quite a quick paintjob:

Da little gunnerz

So in the end I came to this result:

Da Splatta Kannon!

Boom boom dakka dakka

The model is really great, but I've always thought it really doesn't depict the supposed concept, not even remotely. I mean, here I can see quite a functional big gun, with proper ammo and a decent design. However, the description states that "it is a cannon which fires a splatta shell, named so because of the irregular way it travels across the battlefield. The shell consists of several linked rockets attached to a chain with a large metal ball at the end. The initial rocket is launched and the rest are fired on timers, giving it a particularly unpredictable trajectory.The ball and chain whip across the battlefield, slashing through anything it hits before crashing to the ground. A few moments later the next rocket fires and launches the chain and ball in another direction. It also has the effect to scatter ground troops due to its irregular movements".

I mean, I expect something different after that read. Something more... Orky, I don't know. Whatever, I do love the model.

Here you have the current state of my Orkdnance:

Oh, I should have put the Gretchin crew on separate bases! Didn't remember I did that with the catapult

Well, until I solve that, they're staying like that.

The Waaagh! grows!


Assistant crew

Tech Priests and novices require assistance from menial workers who can deal with basic procedures and help with Servitors. These workers can be later initiated in the rites of the Omnissiah or keep on doing their jobs for life.

He looks bossy

His companion looks a little bit creepy, but it's not his fault

I could have painted this mini as a regular worker with the rest of the batch of my previous post, but the pose, the attitude, the face... Everything convinced me to paint him as a Servitor.

Checking on his soldering iron. Looks safe

I'm unsure of what function does this Servitor fulfil, but he looks cool anyway.

Edward Whateverhands

If I was unsure about that one, wait a minute and see this other one:

I bet it is a Chimp Servitor

Well, this post is getting more and more confusing with each pic. The last mini today... well, I didn't see this coming, promise.

At least as qualified as any other member of the crew

I really didn't have the time to take a pic of all of them beside a ship, but t least here you have them all:

Still baffled about the pig?

Searching for truffles is a Mechanicus authorised task, apparently

Using such a restricted palette helped me to save a lot of time. It gives them a sense of coherence and ties them into the theme, so I'm happy with the time/result ratio.

Not that many Astropolis minis left. Just saying...