Painting 'The War of the Ring' Boardgame (Pt.1 Free Peoples)

One of the reasons I have been working so slowly lately is that I have been quite busy with a 'secret' project. Well, not really secret at all, it just happens I hadn't shown you anything from it. As the title says, I've been busy with this boardgame:

As a matter of fact I painted the Spanish version, but you will see no difference

A friend of mine got this game and he pretended us to play. But there was a problem. The minis were unpainted!

Ahhh, dull, impersonal, monochromatic plastic...

Of course I will not suffer that. Not under my roof.

I took upon myself the duty of painting all those poor guys. So, before I could realize, I had new 205 minis on my workbench to paint. It has taken me some time, but I can say that it has been worth of it. Let's see them:

Gondor Infantry (regular troops)
Gondor Cavalry (elites and leaders)
Rohan infantry
Forth Eorlingas!
Wood Elves
Wood Elves with their wannabe Mearas
Rangers of the North
More guys from the Grey Company or so
And the Dwarves

Here we have the main Characters, the Fellowship of the Ring:

Some day I'll learn how to take photos, I promise

 As you can see the minis are not based on the movies, but on different illustrations by John Howe, so there is a slight change on designs. However I've followed more or less the general movie lookings when possible, as the iconography is so recognizable and strong.
Later this same week I'll show you the Forces of Darkness, servants of Sauron.
Hope you like it!


  1. I have seen them "in the flesh" and they're awesome, since the miniatures are really tiny.

  2. Indeed they are! I painted them while engaging other projects, so very slow paintjob. It was the only way to preserve a few sanity points... :P

  3. IMpressive! I envy the amount of time you have, man...

    1. Hehe, I've spent some months with these. Veeeery slow process, taking minutes from time to time...

  4. I was not knowing that this game existed, but it has been a very pleasing surprise to see the work that you have done with him.


    1. Thanks a lot! As soon as I show you the forces of Darkness you can expect a game report :)

  5. Habría que verte jugando al parchís... ;-)Más o menos qué escala son, 10mm o 15mm? Te han quedado brutales.

  6. Jajaja, pues me he planteado pintar hasta los Colonos de Catan XDD
    Son un poco más grandes, tendrán 20mm o así, tal vez incluso un poco más. Procuraré hacer una foto de comparación.

  7. Amazing work on these tiny war of ring miniatures! Basically I am about to start my own War of Ring minis too and I would like some help if you have the time to look at my questions I would be grateful.

    1) What colors did you use for the minis? I know it's gonna be a big list and probably you dont even remember the colors but I would appreciate if you could revive your memories for a few minutes so you can help me out.

    2) Are these bases their retail/default bases? If yes what colors/textures you used on them?

    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you! Well, it's been quite some time since then! I can tell you for certain that they all are Vallejo. Many of the colours were achieved by mixtures (e.g., green on Rohirrim is made by using the dark green as a base an highlighting it with layers of said colour mixed with German Camo Bright Green. Green on the Wood Elves is Vallejo Olive Green. Browns on the gloves or leather stuff is made with Flat Earth mixed with Red). I'm afraid I cannot be much more specific right now, sorry!
      About the bases, they all are the given bases. My recipe is pretty simple, it's just sand glued on them. Once it is dry, in this case I applied Vallejo Flat Earth. Once dry again, a drybrush of Vallejo Brown Sand and another one of bone white (cannot remember the name of the colour!)
      I hope this helps!