Sunday, 15 November 2020

New Wasteland Walker

 It's been a while since I don't build anything silly! About time!

Spoiler! WIP ahead

 If you take the look back, when I built the mining suit with an Ambot I said I had another spare pair of legs. I had to do something with them! The first thing that came to mind was, of course, a walker. You may remember my Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) and his loyal Sancho Panzer. Oh, and the second version I made for a pal of both Quixote and Sancho.

So well, what could I use this time?

Well, the ever reliable Kinder egg, what else?

This is all I had. That's my starting point

I didn't want another horse-like walker. I thought I could explore other shapes. I found this seat and thought I could use it

From a Space Marine Attack Bike, if I'm not mistaken

So there it is!

I started to glue random bits wherever

Though I considered the option of placing the seat at the front of the thing, the idea of placing it at a side looked more interesting to me.

Possibly not comfortable

I needed a rider and I toyed with the idea of sculpting it from scratch, but then I found a Sentinel pilot and said 'hey, I'm too lazy for this shit, I'll just use this guy'.

I greenstuffed the belly to make him fat. But I wanted something else, something distinctive, something that made him different. And then I came with the idea of a mug.

Could be a pint of beer, but the coffee mug made more sense to me

It's but a brush cap, which I cut hoping it could look in place. I wanted him to look like on a dull, boring routine, drinking his bland recaf drink with his scarf up to his ears.

This was the final disposition of the walker then:

Ready to paint!

That's a mere piece of gauze

 My main choices of colour this time were white or orange. Maybe red would have worked too, but I opted for white in the end.

So white priming all over

I forgot to say, of course I added tubes and wires!!

I used my usual recipe. Flat brown wash to dirt it all...

(Remember, paintings and marks need to be done before!)

I should have painted metals and black before, and then dirtied with brown

But it was working, so I kept on

Second layer of weathering using darker brown, and finally very dark brown with a sponge

I also forgot to mention that jerry can! It's hanging with thread :D

So here you have the final result. I painted a silly 'Ego -love- Terra' on the mug. It was simple enough; had I tried anything more complex I would have ruined it. Less is more. Of course it's bad Latin and inaccurate grammar, but makes the pun recognizable, so it's staying :P

He looks cold and miserable. A hot beverage is the only thing he has in life

Damn, it's so ugly it hurts. That screams Rogue Trader to me!

Stumbling through the wastelands since M.35

Oh, you hadn't seen my sexy rear parts

A final shot, alongside his fellow walkers, so you have a size comparison:

This one looks dirtier then the previous ones!

Well, it looks like I finally put those legs to an use at last! Hmmm, what else can I build now...?

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

A little bit late to Halloween

 ...yet a skeleton is a skeleton!

I rushed a little to see if I could make it for this last Halloween, but it's been an impossible deadline. Haha, dead-line.


Skeleton, I was saying.


Well, what the hell, not that much delay :D

The original model is, of course, pretty well known.

Games Workshop Wight King. Insert legal disclaimer here

The mini is awesome, can't say otherwise. Of course I couldn't make mine look as great as the one above, but I could give it my own personal touch.

That means if I cannot do it look better, for sure I can do it look worse! But different!

The key was taking the so recognizable crown out

Not that it's very different, but I hope it makes it clear what I'm trying to do

The idea of an oriental-like undead, with a turban or a tunic, looked quite appealing to me. I'm not aiming to any specific historical looking, but only to the general Saracen vibe. Quite Warhammerish, I guess :D

In fact my whole plan involves doing this to the Shadespire skellies (I have that box waiting for ages to be painted, shame on me). So I'm showing the step by step here, not as any kind of tutorial, but more like a note to self for future reference.

Vallejo Dark Blue, Medium Sea Grey and Saddle Brown/grey. Metal is Silver/black/German med camo

The previous pic was unacceptably clean

Blue highlighted with hues of Ice blue. The sash with hues of grey

That's quite pretty much it all. It's but three colours, so I've managed to paint it relatively quickly.

A thousand and one nights -Warhammer edition

I don't have anything nearly close to a scimitar, so I used the only thing vaguely resembling one

I think there's still too much plate armour on him to make a proper Saracen impression, but I'm happy with the experiment, so I think it means a green light for the Shadespire warband. In the meantime, these are the only skellies I have avaliable:

Yeah, boss, we weren't told we had to dress for the occasion

I've enjoyed the whole proccess; it was a quick one too, so I can't complain at all. For the Shadespire ones I may have to tone down or desaturate a little that blue. Or maybe I'll use another colour. Well, anyway, that's a problem for the future me. For now I can move to another project!

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Orktober ain't over!

 Not that I've done much work, but at least I finished another couple of Meganobz, still in time for Orktober!!

Can't really say much about them, they are from Knightmare too and sculpted in the very same fashion that the ones in the previous post.

I went for classic schemes too, avoiding specific Clan colours and also trying different skin tones, far from the ubiquitous standard green.

I didn't notice at first, but I painted him as a RT Space Wolf!

On a retrospective, I see that I missed a one in a million opportunity, as at first didn't connect the dots, but with that head I should have totally painted him this way:

Ahhh, such is life. Well, I need to move on, what is done is done.

I went crazy on this other one. Let's paint this armour brown. Excuse me? Brown? No one has ever painted a... never mind

You can't tell by the shitty pic, but the face is a totally different colour

Well, so now I have four Meganobz, I kind of have the seed for the elites of my Ork force.

Ork aristocrats joining together for tea time

Utterly enjoyable minis, I can't say otherwise. I'm not sure of where am I going with these, but as long as I have Orks (and trust me, I do have Orks) I will be painting them from time to time ;)

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Orky bosses

 Calendars don't mean much to me nowadays (beyond work deadlines! But those tend to be measured in hours, or days at most), so it's no big deal if I tell you I didn't even realise it was Orctober until I had these halfway painted.

As other times, this was just but a side project to get stuff done while working on larger stuff. Straightforward painting and little else, just to keep myself active instead of stranded in the middle of neverending projects.

These come from Knightmare Miniatures, and were a real pleasure to paint, in all their glorious oldschoolness. First of all this Nob, which, I have to say, is really big.

That's not a 25 mm base, but a 32 mm one!

There was something about the pose, the hairy squig, the cigar... I don't know. I suddenly thought of Hannibal Smith :D

So I went for that kind of style, I chose light colours, painted the Squig white... You know. Now I need three other desperados for my Special Kommando Unit :D

OK, for now let's move on. I have several Meganobz, I have painted a couple of them so far. I wanted to keep myself apart from classic Clan colours and make them more Rogue Trader era looking. I tried white/cream armour for this first one, as well as a blue/grey skin. I was determined to make him look different!

Ankwardly lanky. Pure RT

However, I painted this other one just yellow. It was just a hunch, but something about this sculpt yelled 'Bad Moon Clan' to me. I thought of other options, but in the end I came back to my first idea.

Day 56. The Imperial Fists still do not suspect I'm an Ork

I still have another couple of them, I think I should do them now that I'm in an Orky mood. But for now this is what I got:

Told you, that guy is huge

I think I may keep on painting some Orks. Unless something else pops up, you know how these things work...

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Interlude: Out-of-time (as usual) Secret Santa

 Just as this shitty year goes by, we all need some good news from time to time. So my regular group of partners in crime decided to recover a lost tradition, the Secret Santa event -Lockdown Edition 2020 (You can have a look at 2016 and 2017 editions on the links).

You know, as sky is the limit, each one of us has done a quite different thing from the others -and that's what gives this event its true value.

Speaking for myself, this year I took this old, worn out HeroQuest Wizard:

Seen better days, uh?

I converted him into this:

The same, yet not the same

And splashed some colour on it:

My pics are so awful that it looks like he's wearing sunglasses

It would have been cool, but take my word, there are no sunglasses

When my pal got the mini he took this other pic:

He still got this HeroQuest mini before the HeroQuest 25 anniversary

This year I received a total surprise. The pal who had to paint something for me didn't really feel comfortable with his painting skills. Of course this isn't about showing off or any kind of quality standards, but just to get some tiny gift for a friend. However, he chose not to lick any paint on any model -and that's perfectly OK if you don't feel like it.

I'm derailing. I got this out-of-scale awesome Gundam:


Totally articulated and with different options

Pretty customizable

Dammit, I didn't know it was a Sith!

This is a first time for me. Of course I've seen this kind of Gundams before, but have never got myself into the Gunpla world. I find the model impressive, fully articulated and with such a graceful mobility. I'm not sure if I should paint it (it scares the hell out of me, with all those tiny, movable pieces!) or just add the decals. Well, while I make a decision, let me show the other works from the rest of the blokes involved:

Tastefully retro Trooper

Well, this is an inside joke. The guy who received it is a miniature hoarder, we all affectionately call him 'Smaug' or simply 'the dragon'. So this is a dragon alongside his collection of minis on the shelves!

A better view of this piece of genius

Another exception. The author designed and printed it, the receiver will paint it

I love this one so much I've asked about who makes this -I need one!

Wow. The whole composition is pure love

Used to over the top minis, I love the style of this one

A fresh view on Saim Hann


We already moved onto COVID-20. Just in case

Well, it was a fruitful lockdown! As any group event, it's taken some more time than expected, but the effort has surely paid off. I hope we don't have to repeat it for a second lockdown, but just for fun :P