Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Spooky encounters

Hi everyone! I hope things are going well out there. I'm still under this kind of home arrest, leaving only for unavoidable job issues and things of the like. Still not much hobby time, but I managed to spill some paint on these minis, coming from the Kickstarter Wally Harwood from Harwood Hobbies launched with Ana Polanscak's from Gardens of Hecate sculpts.

I never had any certain project in mind, but wanted a fistful of these so bad that I couldn't resist. I didn't get the full batch though; I got the Blood Fiend:

Anthropomorphic (or whatever) representation of Covid-19
It's so Blanchesque in its conception that I couldn't but avoid to get one, it's the fabric of nightmares, I simply love it. I don't have a current project for this one, but it will fit in some kind of Undead army, or even better as a beast from the Warp which needs to be taken down, I think the scenario writes  itself.

I also got the signs:

Atmospherical indeed
I couldn't manage to make the signs readable, but I think they all serve their purpose. I simply love them.

Spooky encounters on the forgotten realms. Yeah, I need a backdrop
I'm enjoying the fact of grabbing just a few minis and having this 'closure' feeling. It's nice among my other larger projects and really helps to see something finished. So I'll be looking for more...

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Rogue Trader Bounty Hunter

As you may know by the news, given the current coronavirus situation, all the country is under lockdown. We all are set at home and general sanitary measures are being taken seriously. We may only leave home for work or groceries and anything else has been cancelled and banned by the Government.

No, I'm not starting a cyberpunk novel, that's actual news nowadays. Well, as much as the situation looks pretty serious, being locked at home should provide some more free time for all of us. At least that's what I thought! However, being locked at home with the two younglings all day long is pretty much time (and energy!!) demanding! And once they are finally in bed, I do have job issues to attend that cannot be postponed. Gasp.
Enough whining. I'm making the effort of painting, even if it's just ten minutes every two days. While I keep working on my large board (ten minutes every two months) I'll be bringing small standalone projects, which I hope will prove less time demanding. Part hobby, part mental health.
I finished this mini quite some time ago, but never posted about it.  It was a gift for a friend, part of a Secret Santa initiative from a group. I chose this one:

Imperial Guard 'Lasgun 3' of yore
I thought it could make a nice Rogue Trader inspired bounty hunter for his Necromunda games. So I painted the guy in the proper fashion.

As much RT as I could get
I had never tried facial paint, so it was a fun step to take, though more difficult than expected. You can easily ruin all the work of the face (and the whole mini) if it doesn't work. However, I think I may repeat (and hopefully improve) it in the future.
I think he could still serve in the Guard
The 'Necro' on the shoulderpad was, of course, mandatory
So were the checkers. Checkers Police came soon to check how many checkers I had done

So here you have him, Ivan Pontburne, bounty hunter. Constantly wandering through the Underhive and hiring his services to the highest bidder. Bodyguard, manhunter, hired muscle, you name it. You want a job done and the pay is fair, you got your man.

This will be all for today, but I'm working on some other small projects like this one, so I hope I can make these quarantine days (or should I say nights) more bearable. No idea of how long will it take, but it will be some 4-6 weeks at the very least for sure (how I'd love to be wrong!). I'll make my best to keep the blog alive and in good shape!

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Main facade finished

Hooray! New post! It's taking me waaay longer than expected to paint anything these days. Not because I've lost my paint mojo or anything, but due to pure real life issues.
To make it up to you, I'll try this post to be worth the delay. I've been building the main front facade of the mining town. It all was too plain, so I started to add tubes, plumbing and stuff:

A slight touch of colour
You can barely notice any difference, but there are some hours of work from the other pic to this one
The process is painfully slow. Work, children, life, etc. left me scarce minutes from time to time. This is the perfect example. Here you can see all the progress I could make in two whole days:

I sticked two matches. All. I. Did. I mean it. For. Two. Days
Then the awning took me another three stupid days
To bring this board to life I knew I had to add tons of absurd details. I used anything I had at hand.

These are lollipop sticks
You guess what I'm trying here?
Right, a nice terrace
A rudimentary hoist of unknown purpose
So this was the aspect of what I was getting:

Ahhh, way too clean. Something must be done...
Weathering and dirt!

The hard part here is not to overdo it
Do you remember what I tried (back in this post) about the prayer flags? I think I found a place for them:

I hope they don't look too festive
Yet more details!

Still playable
I'm aware I'm on the verge of building not a gaming board, but a dollhouse. It's something I have to remember from time to time. In the pic above, the table is just a standard 25mm base with some sticks. The bottle is part of a set by Green Stuff World and the rug is but printed paper (you may want to revisit this post to know more).

A friend kindly provided me some 3D printed pieces which I can certainly use here:

Not pretty sure of what is this
But I can make a... street lamp? Long range scanner?
Who knows! Who cares!
So, with some details here and there I came to this final result:

Ta Daaaa
All these weeks just for a facade
But this cannot be considered a town if there are not any people around!

Find a crew, find a job, keep flying
Dirty posters and dirty rugs
Sticking posters there inside was kinda challenging
I wanted to add more stuff here, but it had to be playable, remember?
The weirdos are following miss sunshade
Maintenance of those antennae is tricky!
Apart from the sand on the MDF board, I consider the facade finished
The pics really don't show the time invested here, but I don't care that much, as I'm enjoying myself. So well, what's next?
I think I'll paint some minis or anything smaller, so I don't disappear from the blogosphere for another month, but...

...this other facade looks unbearably empty now, doesn't it?
Let's see how long does it take!

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Beauty and the Beast

You may remember the Elda Space Elf from a few weeks ago. I said I wasn't quite happy with the colours and that I may have to repaint the mini. Well, I finally did so. I opted for the Biel Tan scheme, so green instead of red...

...and all the spirit stones painted
Still suspiciously Christmas-like, yet an improvement, I think
Right after finishing this mini (again) I found this other one wandering through the lead mountain.

You didn't see this coming, uh?
The Fomorian Bounty Hunter by Knightmare Miniatures is something I purchased as part of the Space Raiders kickstarter some time ago. About time to spill some paint on this beauty (What? You were assuming the Beauty was the other one?)

A Space Fimir. Deal with it
Barsoom? No, never heard of that place
It's quite a straightforward paintjob, as I think the mini was asking for this kind of palette. Didn't want to overdo it or oversaturate colours, so everything here is a conscious decision (well, apart from quality, you know).
The sculpt itself is a work over the original fantasy Fomorian by Diego Serrate too (which I recall getting on another kickstarter, but now I'm unable to locate it on Knightmare's web)

Maybe not that much, but I'd like to think there's an evolution as a painter here
So having painted these two on a row, I suddenly begun to see a connection. Two rogue space adventurers, outcast warriors taken apart from their respective worlds and now wandering together through the galaxy on a quest that will take them through endless adventures. An odd couple shoulder to shoulder in an unexpected alliance against evil, wherever they find it.

Beauty and the Beast (I insist, the Beauty is the Fimir)
Will they earn forgiveness? Will they return as heroes to their homes? Or will they keep on travelling through the edge of the Galaxy beyond the limits of known space?

Don't miss next week's episode!
I'm happy with the result, and how such different minis can team up this way. I honestly have no idea of what will I paint next, but I'll tell you as soon as I discover it myself! :D

Monday, 20 January 2020

Big damn heroes

Though I said (or at least I remember so) that I would favour small projects in order to see them completed, the truth is that I've commited myself to larger scale stuff. That's one of the reasons behind the current slow pace of the blog. On the bright side, whenever I have something to show, it's rewarding to see lots of painted minis at once.
This case is the perfect example. I got the Firefly Brigands and Browncoats game:

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...
The thing is that a couple of friends got it too. And they both asked me if I could paint their copies. Long story short, I'm currently painting three sets at the same time. Don't believe me?

...I don't care, 'cause I'm still free, you can't take the sky from meeeee
The good guys, the crew of the Serenity, have two minis each. A casual pose and an action pose. Whenever I read the rules (or get someone to read the rules) I'll learn why. The thing is that I have the nine characters (a couple of expansions had to be purchased -in triplicate, of course). Two poses each. Three copies each. 54 minis. And that's just the good guys!

Well, the only way to approach a project like this is breaking the problem into smaller problems. One character at a time. So let's start with Captain Malcom Reynolds, alma mater of the whole thing.

Though Nathan Fillion wears different outfits during the series and the movie, this is clearly the most recognizable one. Besides, the casual pose mini is just this pic taken into a fig; so I just had to follow this colour guide to get this:

He aims to misbehave
I didn't take WIP pics as I thought it would have been unbearabe for you to see the process on the 54 minis :D

First mate Zoe Washburne has a lovely causal mini and a not so great action pose mini (as it happened with Cap Reynolnds, IMO). Once again I took a pic as a reference.

Same thing about the outfit, this was the recognizable one
A thing series tend to forget about (specially sci-fi shows) is that actual people do change clothes. It's pretty common to see a character wearing essentially the same during the whole span of the movie or the series. But it's a thing that didn't happen in Firefly, and such a simple thing gave the whole show much more depth than you could imagine. Even with characters like Wash, who used to wear jumpsuits:

It's Mr. Hoban Washburne for you
Even him had different Hawaiian shirts!

An the action pose is wearing this vest:
In fact the jumpsuit is this one for both minis (just take a look at the pockets). So with all this in mind I got this (that's the closest I could get to that shirt!):

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar
Next character is one of my personal faves in the show, Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee Frye). A nice casual pose mini but maybe the worst action pose mini of the bunch, I'm afraid; not becasuse of the sculpt itself, but in casting terms.

I hope you are not getting bored of seeing then tripled!
The core of the crew is completed with Cobb Jayne, the hired muscle of the Serenity. The challenge here is that the casual pose mini is wearing the infamous cap his mom sends him in 'The Message' episode, and it was tricky to find the art on the shirt he's wearing:

It will be trickier to paint that on a mini
I suspect the action pose is wearing this t-shirt:

For I think it's directly inspired in this pic
He's bearing his most beloved Vera, his Callahan full-bore auto-lock. Customized trigger, double cartridge thorough gauge.
It's a weapon he doesn't use in Serenity, the movie. However, at this point, I was having fun and I was in no rush. I decided to use the yellow t-shirt he's wearing at some point in the movie. It is distinctive and adds an element of colour.

This is the best pic I could find as a reference to paint it:

So this was the result:

The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne
Let's move forward! Apart from the core crew we can find Inara Serra, who rents a shuttle for her companion bussinesses. Both casual and action minis wear this dress:

Funny thing, the action pose mini uses the bolt caster we can see in Serenity, but she doesn't wear that outfit.

Well, that made it easier and quicker for me to paint:

I love the minis, but the sculpt could have been better
Shepherd Derrial Book was quite an interesting character the TV show didn't have time to develop (nor had the movie). Quite a shame, as the hints here and there were really cool. It was the comic book The shepherd's tale which told the full story of his life.

The action pose bears the gun he uses in the 'War Stories' episode
Not sure if Book's book has all its pages

Finally, the Tams, another central element in the show and later in the movie. Dr. Simon Tam's casual pose mini looks to be inspired by this pic:

But there's no way I dared to replicate that vest. I chose this other one:

The stethoscope was added in the sculpt, but I like how it complements the mini.

I couldn' find a pic of the first-aid kit. I think it's the only thing I made up though all this project
River Tam's casual pose mini is clearly based on this pic:

While the action pose comes directly from the Serenity final fight scene.
First pic I found, I think you get it
Then here you are:

Yeah, I also find the three girls dancing a little bit disturbing
So. This is it. Of course by now you need pics of all of them together as a crew!

For me this pic is worth of all the effort
And yes, of course I'm singing The Ballad of Serenity as I'm writing this
Just a final remark. You may (or may not) have noticed that I'm building a sci-fi desert mining town. Yes, it truly will serve for my Rogue Trader/WH40K games. BUT.
Wouldn't you have thought I had specifically this in mind too?

This is all for now. I hope you understand I'm currently a little bit mentally exhausted. I'm switching from this project into any other thing and then I'll paint the baddies. Tripled, of course!!