Thursday, 15 July 2021

Rogue Trader Ork Mob

 Moar Orksies t'day!

I'm completing this RT Ork Unit. I stil had (redrum)... RT Orks in their sprues. In their sprues! I'm not lying! Fresh new! These last couple of weeks I felt myself like 30 years younger, thrilled like the first day. Oh, what a feeling! :D

 Not really much to say, I went for the flashy approach again and with different skin colours.

Oh, and flat bases. Just because

Huey, Louie and Dewey

I made a couple of conversions this time. First one is the banner bearer, as I wanted to have one. Pretty frustrating that my awful pics burnt colours again, as usual. I really promise that the flag looks much (much) better in hand.

Both red and yellow look absolutely plain, as well as the clothes. Seriously, they are not!!


The other conversion is, I believe, the longest due I had to pay. By far. Long tiem ago, at some moment in between the Eocene and the Oligocene, give or take, a friend of mine gave me this Ork he had painted long time ago, in his teens. He told me something like 'yes, I know, I know, it's a shitty mini, but I'm kinda fond of it, I made this conversion long time ago when I was starting; I'm giving it to you, but I'd like that, if you ever repaint it, please keep its essence, the way it was conceived'.

This is what I got:

Some kind of looter, bearing the stolen gear

When you have a problem it's sometimes a good idea to break it into smaller problems...

I mean it

There was simply no way to unglue that backpack and that arm. Impossible

I liked the idea of the looter, and I tried to keep my work as close to the original as I could. So I left all the armour pieces irregularly stacked over the backpack. I made some greenstuff ropes to keep the pieces together, but it was pretty much all of it.

I didn't know what Chapter was the marine originally from (I guess my pal wanted him to be an Ultramarine), but the stripes on the helmet somehow reminded me the Rainbow Warriors, a Chapter I have never painted before, so I thought it would be fun to give it a try. This is the final result:

Loota 2.0

Messy ropes!!

Well, so here you have them all:

Annoying burnt pic

You can see the yellow & black checkered pattern as the theme for this unit, something I used on the previous batch. Here they are all together:

80's power!

I could (should?) add a metal Nob or something. Maybe I'll do it. But for now I'm happy with da boyz as they are. I currently have no more plastic RT Orks, but I have like tons of metal ones and plastic 2nd Ed ones, so there's still plenty of Ork tide ahead!

Sunday, 27 June 2021

Ork Gargant. Da Head

Gargant time again! We're coming from this post about a month ago, where I had left the main body done. I thought the head would be quite the next natural step, so little else to say. Let's go for the head!

Just a close-up of the thing primed

 I started from the inside, as I thought it would be easier. Following my tradition of being lazy keeping things simple, I sprayed the interior with a metal primer


Then I applied some more colour:

I miss a couch or something, but it will do

Well, then the outside. Since the beginning I had clear in my mind the head must be green.

Basic dark green layer and Agrax all over

Let's focus on the lower part first. I used a couple of tones of green and combined them at will. I really didn't want to give a very clean impression

It will look better at table distance

I toyed with different ideas for the jaw, but in the end I deemed the checkers would be the right choice

That was, of course, before I realised I would have to highlight the whole damn thing :S

Enough cabin for a while. It was the time to move on something else. The crew, for example.

I couldn't make more minis fit into the cabin, I promise

I think I should have greenstuffed the Gretchins so they wouldn't look so... modern. I mean, the sharp edges, the nose, the ears, you know, that kind of stuff. But in the end I was too lazy, so I just painted them:

At first I also considered using two Mekboyz, but this way you can certainly tell who's the boss here

 This is how they look when in place:

Unward, ya Grots!

Fasta! Moar dakka!

After the break I felt strong enough to keep on painting little checkers again:

C'mon, the eyes were asking for it, you know

So was the turret!

Giving the turret a smooth looking was tricky (well, at least for me!), but red happened to be a nice colour to work with for this purpose.

So thi is the finished head:

Behold the face of Mork

Ant that tiny face on da rear too

This is the Gargant so far:

Behold da powa of Mork and despair! (behold da powa of Gork too, just in case)

I have to say that this begins to be rewarding. Seeing it grow part by part is meaning truly something for me. The beginning was hard indeed, but I think it begins to look like something, and that's encouraging.

I'm taking a break (not sure of what will I paint next), but I'd love to get back to the Gargant soon. Stay tuned!

Monday, 7 June 2021

Catapulted to fame

 While working on the Gargant I like to keep on painting other little side projects, small things that leave me at least a glimpse of what closure must be :D

Among the many lovely treasures Iain from Cave Adsum 1471 provided me I found the legendary Squig Katapult, a model I always wanted to have but I had never the chance to own. I cannot state how eager I was to finally spill some paint on such an iconic piece of Ork ordnance.

I have always seen it painted black, as part of Goff warbands. But I knew I wanted something different...

Is it different enough this way?

I should check what is written down there

Buzzer Squigs ready to launch

 In the uneven case you are not familiar with Squig Catapults please let me copypaste:

Buzzer Squigs are an insect-like variation of the Squig typically used by Orks in a Squig Katapult, as they are very vicious and a swarm can strip the flesh off a man-sized creature within seconds. Buzzer Squigs are found among Ork fungus groves and are trapped in pots by Gretchin. The special pots are made from sun-baked mud, drilled with tiny holes to allow the Squigs inside to breathe. The top of the vessel is corked shut and sealed with more mud once a good number of Squigs has been put inside.

Normally the Squigs feed by burrowing into other, larger Squigs or small animals such as rats, so when they are captured they soon begin to get very hungry. They can be kept without food in the pot for many solar weeks, getting angrier and more savage all the time.

Gretchin can tell which pots contain the angriest Squigs from the high pitch of the droning and the vibrations of the pot as the Squigs try to burrow out (the walls of the pot must be made thick and hard). These pots, each containing a small swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, are the missiles fired by the Squig Katapult. The pot cracks open on impact, releasing the swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, who attack anyone nearby.

 Pure orkiness. I love it. In fact this description gave me a silly idea of what to do with the Gretchin crew for the Katapult. You know, you need two of them. I made quite an ordinary conversion for the first one:

I've been wanting to use that wrench for ages

But I took another path for the other Gretchin, as I wanted something more specific, a Buzzer Squig keeper, the guy who loads the Katapult.

Well, of course I got inspiration from a beekeper. The thing is that I tried to do the hat...

...and now he looks more like a catholic cardinal than a beekeper D:

As I was doing the Gretchin crew, I thought I could also paint an Ork Runtherd, so there was someone in charge of all these buggers!

The arm is from the Kopta pilot, I guess?

So this is how they look when painted:

I added a thin net to the hat!

Watcha mean you not happy? [whip] Carry da squigs, you lil grot!

This is the whole set!

If you throw living creatures at your enemy, does it count as biological warfare?

I have some more artillery pieces, but I really wanted to paint this one first. Enjoyable tiny project, and I recovered the pleasure of doing silly, small conversions.

I don't know what I'll be doing next. Moar Orks? Likely, but who can be sure? I'll keep on updating you!

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Ork Gargant. Da body (Pt.2)

 OK! We were coming from this post! About time I show some progress!

I left you with the front of the Gargant in its basic colours. Here you can see the same process on the back of the monster:

First layer of basic colours

So once I had finished Stage 1 all over I begun to think about details. For example that bulge on the front. The Ork Boob. Now you can't unread it. Ork Boobs.

Not too original, I know

Not sure if a moon or cheese

Oldschool Bad Moon!

I highlighted the plates, rivets and flames and gave consistent colours to all the rest of the pieces. I'm assuming you can hardly tell from the pic below, so please take my word. I really did it

It took a ludicrous number of hours and it even doesn't show on the pic. Great

 I added some small details here and there, but I didn't want to overdo it, I think it already has quite an amount of focal points to draw your attention.

I just did a few small trimmings and so

OK, so what if we spend some time on da feet?

Same process than the rest of the body. Yellow primer, yellow Contrast, you know.

Can you read this?

The same thing but after washes and highlights

Painting these glyphs I'm becoming with a crazy idea. Well, even crazier than the regular stuff. I was thinking that it would be cool if colour had an actual impact on Ork language. Just the same that happens for example in Japanese, in which sometimes the same written word can have different meanings depending on the pronunciation. What if different colour combinations on the glyphs made different nuances on the meaning of the word?

Well, OK, whatever. Anyway, I painted these randomly, so I'm not giving it much more of a thought. Maybe next time.

Next step was the super delicate moment of weathering the whole thing. I was really sure that it needed something, but definitely not too much. It had to be bright. Yellow. Oldschool.

In the end I only used the old sponge trick and restrained myself, so the pieces still looked decent.

Da finished feet

The same goes for the rest of the body. Dark brown with the sponge, mainly wherever I had previously screwed the paintjob in any way :D

I additionaly washed the rivets in brown and slightly weathered the pieces.

So this is it for now!

Large Ork for scale reference

Hey ya! Watch your step!


Weren't you just going the opposite direction just a second ago?

 Progress on this beast is necessarily slow, as it takes a lot of hours on every tiny thing you decide to add, but I have to say I'm enjoying every minute spent on it.

Da Gargant is becoming real!

Sunday, 9 May 2021

I painted half a mini

 ... well, sort of. At least the upper half of a mini :P

Death Korps of Krieg is everyone's favourite. Period. They are kind of the absolute essence of WH40K. They have a tragic background, lots of suffering and attrition... yet they embrace the full cheesy grimdark vibe that made 40K what it is (or what it was), without falling in the excesses of modern editions. I mean, they don't have the kind of ridiculous bullshit background by Matt Ward, that kind of stuff so over the top that makes you laugh when it was supposed to be epic.

The Death Korps of Krieg are obviously ridiculous over the top, but not in the same way. They have that kind of tragic setting that embodies the Dark Millenium, but their whole spirit of sacrifice and abnegation take deep roots in the Rogue Trader times of exaggerated black humour about... well, about everything. I mean, do you remember that time when the enemy surrendered yet they kept on bombarding the rebel hive for five years, though there had not been traces of life after three years? Yup, that's Krieg.

I'm digressing and I haven't even started. Let's talk about minis. I got this 3D printed Krieg bust thanks to a friend. It is glorious:

Love at first sight

 This was my first bust ever, so I was kind of scared of working at this unexplored scale. But hey, I got into Krieg mood...

I had painted Krieg before, a commission for a friend. But that was long ago; in fact even before I started the blog, so I haven't ever shown them. Anyway, I fell in love with them and I've been toying with the idea of starting a force for myself since then.

Until that moment comes, I have eased my spirit with the bust. First thing was, obviously, base colours:

The damn thing is big
Agrax it! Deeply!
Ahh, even smells like trench...

 I know I should have started with the longcoat, but I painted leather straps instead. No explanation. The Emperor demanded.

Gas mask too

Then the details on the visor and the rad meter (or whatever that thing is!)

Highlights on the coat, shoulderpads and helmet

 I wasn't sure of how to paint the numbers on the shoulderpad. Official sources depict only the Regiment number, and that was my final decision too, but I had some ideas of making my life more complicated, stating Regiment, Company and Platoon. You know, that stuff. In the end less is more.

The impact makes the third number unreadable. We will never know!

Yeah, I first painted the numebrs grey and then made the inner part in white. Krieg masochism

Pretty close to the end

I may look for a better base, but for now this one works:

So what can I say? I finally put the kind of attention I should put on a 28mm mini! But on a bust! :D

I've found the experience interesting, I've enjoyed it a lot, especially considering this scale was a first time for me. Now I have to struggle with myself just to not immediately go to Forge World web and get a whole Krieg army. I mean, in these times of pandemics it doesn't hurt to have a nice, reliable mask, does it?