Secundaris Marines

 Just closing the year here! I hope you are enjoying some quality days (I'm working, but the spirit of Christmas is in the air, so it makes it all more easy going) and having a good time. Enjoy and rejoice!

I'm getting back to an old project, my realscale Space Sharks Marines (you may have to have a look at the Carcharodons label on the blog to know what I'm talking about, I'm afraid the project is that old). I used the Space Hulk Terminators to build my Veterans Squad, and it was kind of my plan for the whole army, just to make conversions on Terminators. But you know -I'm really lazy. With the years an easier solution just came out by itself, as Games Workshop produced the infamous Primaris Space Marines. They happened to be just the right size, so my life suddenly became easier!

Yup, we'll have to talk about aaall those Terminator bits I had amassed with the years in preparation of this project. But not today. Ahem.

Before anyone asks, no, of course I'm not doing Primaris, nor accepting that stupid, ridiculous, absurd [redacted] fanfic GW pretended to be official background. My Space Marines are Space Marines. The Galaxy may be quite an awful place, yes, but there are Eldar and not Aeldwhatever. There is Imperial Guard, not Astrabullshitaris. Well, you know. Stuff. I made my peace with the change from Rogue Trader to 2nd Ed and now I'm over it. But another change this big is too much for me.

I may have to change my mind if the future TV show is anything good, but for now I'm sticking to the old fluff. So expect no Primaris, no Intercessors or whatever they are called. I'm doing a Space Marines Tactical Squad, just with realscale fellas.

So to the pics! The conversions are really minimal, as I considered the bodies good enough to pretend to be real Marines. So I just changed the helmet and shortened the bolter

Will look good enough at table distance

You'll believe they're real Space Marines

That's even a 2nd Ed plastic chainsord

You might have noticed I added some greenstuff on the Sarge's nose. If my Carcharodons have that quite Maori aesthetic influence, I wanted to make them a little bit racial, as I've done previously. I'm aware that according to official background they are pale as snow and blah blah. These are my Space Sharks. If you don't like my approach, there are many, many fantastic, gorgeous places over the internet being GW-orthodox, and you should spend more time on them. Do that, please.

Making the bolter shorter (well, I don't even know if that new gun is still called 'bolter') was relatively easy. Chop'n'stick, that's it. But the plasma gun proved more challenging.

I take it for granted the weapon in the background is not called a 'plasma gun' anymore

I could have used an old weapon, but I liked the shape of this, with the Picatinny thing and all

I wasn't sure either of what heavy weapon to use, and in the end I used the Rule of Cool:

A Space Crusade Multi-melta

But I wanted something that was visually imposing. Something showing that this weapon is terrifying, that not even a Space Marine can handle easily, stressing the heavy in heavy weapon. Of course I have a visual reference in my mind which is indelible:

 Right, a harness, improving the operator's movements and aim by distributing the weight of that monster over the hips and not solely on the arms or shoulders of the Marine. So, with a bit from the Imperial Guard Chimera set I got this:

I'm only now realising that the Aliens guys have the auxiliar arm on the other side

Well, it looks like I have all the conversions I need, so let's spill some paint on these!

50 shades of grey, Warhammer edition

I may have overdone the highlights and done way too many layers, but once I started I couldn't stop! I even had this issue with the shoulderpads, as there was a point in which they were black no more, but dark grey, even getting confused with the rest of the armour, so I had to tone them down again.

Another trial and error thing was the symbols. I insisted in doing Maori style icons, so I painted tatoo style sharks on the shoulderpads:

Space Sardines

But you know, I could live with that. Where I screwed it up was on the other shoulder, trying to make that Maori thing with the Tactical Squad arrow symbol. As I have no shame, I'm showing the crime:

Squid Games Marines

Damn awful. I repainted the shoulderpads and started again with decals:

Again, I can live with this

So little else! Here you have them:

Hmm, I need a larger backdrop thing

Size comparison shot!

Please notice the different bases regarding height

This is my Carcharodons Space Sharks force right now:

Tactical Squad, Veteran Squad and characters

I have plans to expand these, but you will hear of that next year, for we are getting to the end of 2022. I hope you enjoy these last days of the year and let me wish you all the best for 2023.

Cheers! Happy new year!


A normal skeleton

 Regular updating seems challenging these days, but I'm taking the opportunity to make one of those standalone projects that give you the chance to move forward with a clear conscience.

Long, long time ago I got this mini via a friend. You can see, a regular skeleton, nothing special about it, nothing resembles of any known or similar character in any fantasy universe.

A copy, not a Master

First of all, I don't know the manufacturer. If anyone out there can point me in the right direction, I'll gladly credit the sculptor or the company. The mini is sweet, crisp and it's a perfect resin cast. Good job indeed.

For some years I doubted what to do with it. I didn't want to start a new project that could potentially get me stranded looking for (and even worse, buying!) tons of new minis. You may know that nowadays there are some pretty neat options in the market if you want to go through that path, but that's another story.

I thought of converting the mini and have some kind of sorcerer or lich that could look nice with my other skellies, but in the end I left it untouched. The other day I got in the mood and finally put my hands on it.

No, I'm a skeletoN. No IP infringement whatsoever

Though I considered the idea of using a dark, desaturated palette, to reinforce the idea of grimdarkness the mini has, in the end I thought a more classical approach would really fit in better. I toyed with the idea of using brass or other metals on the breast plate, or even sculpting a cloak, but I believe this mini is best served just as it is. I took the main licence with the staff, which is meant to look made of actual vertebrae and a skull with a helmet, so no purple there.

No, not a Master. Just a Degree. Yes, Degree of the Universe

Here you have a scale comparison shot with Space Marines, i.e., the universal unit of measurement.

Strangely not that out of place in this universe. We've seen worse

Oh, don't take me wrong, hunky guy, you look nice, but I'm more on the blond type

I can confidently say (as of today) that I have a sense of closure, as I don't have any intention of starting any project leading me to master anything in any universe, so I'm happy with things as they are.

Hmmm, if I had a hammer and a red cloak I could be Skelethor. Hmmm...

I don't know what will I paint next, but I'll make sure I think of more puns...


Blog 10th Anniversary (long review)

 10 years ago I started a blog. A few fellas were insisting me "man, you need a blog", "oh, but I feel comfortable in the fora". Well, at last I heard them and came here to Blogger! I had tons of questions, starting on the very name of the blog (I wish I had come with a better one, but I don't think I'm changing it after this long), the way to upload pics, even the language I was to use (by now I'm pretty sure you've noticed English is not my native tongue!).

I had quite a large stock of old pics, but was I making too many updates? Not enough to keep people interested? Would my work be up to the internet standards, would people like what I was doing? Was anyone in fact reading me? You know, all the noobie questions. I guess everyone's been there in one way or another. 

During the years some blogs came, some others left, and a few are still out there, still rocking. Because despite everything, here we are, 10 years later. Blogs were a thing back in 2012, quite more than they are today. Facebook came and threatened to engulf everything, yet here we are. Instagram is taking all the artists these days with its visual appeal... Yet here we are. A number of other platforms have (and will) come, but I still feel comfortable here, doing what I do. Updating whenever I have something to show and not caring anymore but to please my own taste (yet trying to be hard to please).

So this blog is kind of my own Hobbit hole. The place where I come to feel comfy, where I can have all my hobby pics organised and at reach (I survived the Tinypic debacle. It took me like a couple of years of willpower to restore all the pics lost from 2012 to 2019) and where I can lose myself on the blogroll and keep updated of so many talented, inspiring artists out there. That's you, stubborn, old fashioned fellas, still caring to share your thoughts and stuff on your wondrous blogs! This blog is still working partly because all of you, I love interacting with you all, even if I don't get but to drop a couple of words on your comments sections. Know that even when they are lousy, my words are always sincere!

But enough chit chat! I'd like to have a look back to what I've been up to since last November.

First of all, I finished the AvP project:

"Finished". Ha! Spoiler: I have new minis to paint! That will be for another day...

I made this strange couple:

Wandering through the galaxy

2022 started strong with Orks:

Viking Orks lookin' for Squig Mead

The long desired box for the Gargant

But also had time to get the Ol' Painless out of the bag

And to revive my likings for Undead. Revive, haha, I said revive

I went full Rogue Trader with the lovely Bombots

I had a Secret Santa with my pals in April (can we call upon Santa in April? Is it legally permitted?)

I painted this

And received this wonder

After such a long time, I finally put my hands on the Astropolis crew, which I turned to my setting:

It's been a good year for scratch building. I made these grav mules:

For more scratch stuff keep on scrolling

And I had the chance to get back to the colourful World of Twilight:

I got some more Ork artillery done:

This year I had to stay abroad for a few months due to work issues. I used the opportunity to connect back with myself and to draw again, something I hadn't done in years:

I've also started a crazy, yet most exciting project, a 28mm scale Athenian trireme:

I hope you'll see plenty of her in the near future

I've used a lot of unusable stuff:

I've learnt that John Deere in fact has a copyright on those colours!! I hope I don't get a C&D

And I've also been back to my most beloved mining town vertical board:

After some more Orks...

And Rebel zombies...

...I'm closing this 10th year of blogging with two crazy scratch built projects. The space ship made from a pencil holder:

The... Calmy? Tranquility?

And of course the floating turbines from a couple of weeks ago:

All in all, I would say this year has been fruitful. I'm afraid that those years with 80 or 90 posts are long gone, but I'm still enjoying every single mini I paint, and that's quite more important than anything else. I sadly don't get to play (wow, not a single game this year! Gasp!), but that's something I do have to take care of!

I know you've seen plenty of pics by now, but I think that a blog doesn't get to become 10 years old everyday! I believe the number deserves a brief review of its whole existence!

Well, let's face it. There's no way I can make this brief! Just please indulge me on this day and allow me show a few random pics of old, I hope I can see any evolution on my work!

Get ready for time travel!


Little thing to show, barely a month of posting. Mostly my old Black Legion

This belongs to a time in which I planned to draw regularly and have a blog with both miniatures and art (sigh)

I still have this on the shelf!

Ahh, my old Imperial Guard army...


Most productive year ever. I also planned to have a very varied blog, with lots of different stuff

I've been wanting to redesign the Paratroopah for 10 years

Dreadfleet and the dreadly rigging

Oh, you remember the War of the Ring game painted?

I played Kill Team before it was invented! With Rogue Trader rules!

My first take on Realscale Marines!

The Book of the Astronomican campaign!

The extensive conversions on Zombicide minis


Productive year too!

Time to play WH40K 2nd Edition

I made a lot of larger scale stuff back then!

Da pirate landship!

That time I took a 3-week course on photoshop and never drew again ever since :(



I'll try to pick as few posts as I can, or else this will be endless!

But no one can resist Battlefleet Gothic!

WH40K2. Field police and the wrecking ball incident. You gotta read it

Last time I played Epic. Shame on me!


I'll try to keep it brief!

From Imperial Assault conversions...

...to my first complex scratch built structures

Cops & Thieves, Rogue Trader edition

Mutant Warband made with GW's The Hobbit Goblins


This was the year I finally lost any remnant of shame I still had and dared to show my puny art in the shape of an ooold WH40K comic I had started back in 2003 -and never finished!

GW's "Fury of Dracula" with metal minis!

First incursion in World of Twilight

Frostgrave. Father Christmas and his Elves against the Grinch and his Gnolls


A very 40K oriented year!

The completion of my Arbites

Scratch built Genestealer Cult vehicle. Not exactly a limo

Don Quirixote of Manchae Prime and Sancho Panzer

Last time I used this board. A strike, protesters and the Governor trying to escape

A dungeon for the Genestealer cult. I still have to finish this project!!!

My own version of Underworlds: Shadespire

With my own 3D version of the boards, of course

A new take on Realscale marines


I'm speeding up!

A commission for a second set of Don Quixote and Sancho

Ash wastes tanker

More weird Underworlds Shadespire

Ohhh, this is how this board started...

I needed to build this unnecesary building!

Those are not Gargants, but Windmills!

Maori Realscale Space Sharks Marines

This blog is oldschool for a reason!


Are you still there?

Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...

Don Quirixote faces Khoron Avir and the Cult of the Covidians

Will I be crazy enough to build full fleets this way?

Da white Dread!

Chivalry, epic poems and crazyness in 20mm

The mining suit for the Genestealer Cult

Another wasteland walker

Hur hur hur


Last review!

Sudden loss of sanity points. The whole Conan Kickstarter

If only I also had a shovel

United Orks of Benetton

In the pipe five by five

 And so we got to 2022, wich you already saw!

If you got down here, congratulations! You scrolled through a decade of hobby. Wow. Ten years, and Blogger says this is post #600, so it's a happy coincidence to have such round numbers today :)

I wouldn't say this exactly qualifies as a life achievement, but well, it's pretty close! I'm so happy to share the event with you all, which have grown close through time. I won't get tender and say I love you... But I love you, guys! Thanks for reading, for commenting, for just being out there all this long. Your blogs, older or newer, are inspiring, your feedback is highly encouraging and I'm glad I can share this hobby with you. Here's to you all!

So, today starts Season 11 of this show! Not that I have a script (which I wouldn't follow anyway), but you've seen I have pleeenty of work ahead. So wish me luck and let's see what happens! Grab a seat, get comfortable and know you are always welcome to my humble Hobbit hole. After all, a Hobbit hole is a place as good as any other to start an adventure...