Commissars of yore

Today I'm showing just a little side project, the kind of stuff you can manage easily, having a clear beginning and -most important, a clear end.

I had these minis gathering dust all around for too long:

They are called 'Chaplains'. Wow, a lot of things have happened since then
I have an old RT plastic Imperial Guard box, but haven't really put my hands to it in order to get an army back, once I sold my old previous one. But I didn't actually need an army to have these painted, so I thought I could spill some paint on them.
Besides, I rescued this other guy from oblivion:

Calling for a repaint
Manageable project!

This latter guy asked for a few retouches, but nothing too serious. I worked on repositioning both arms (the power glove looks so ridiculously oversized that I didn't consider to replace it!) and got this:

Feeling renewed!
Didn't need to be particularly creative with this other one. Pretty straightforward paintjob, trying to cope with different hues of black:

You wouldn't expect a explosion of colour, I guess
However, I tried something different with the other guy. I really don't see me having an army of such size needing three Commissars. As he doesn't wear the coat, I thought he could make a decent Officer:

The Lt. or Cpt. or whatever
As I'm writing this I'm noticing I made a mistake. I shouldn't have chosen these colours. I'm suddenly envisioning this:

I cannot unsee it now!

Oh, such a lost opportunity! I'm afraid I'm not repainting it, but I'm really chuckling at the idea :D

Whatever the case is, I'm bringing a bonus mini! A friend handed me over this new Commissar, the Severina Raine character, a Black Library event miniature:

Selective wind moving the coat and sash, but not the purity seal
She's the Marilyn of the Commissars!
Coat apart, the mini is really cool. We can finally have a female Commissar which doesn't look ridiculous. You all have seen the absurd sexy Commissars and all kind of pin-ups. This is a mini for current times, and I think it is good to leave some stuff apart.

The only thing is... well, the size! Let me explain with a pic:

That's quite a woman!
It looks like the mini is quite incompatible with any RT project I may start, but that was never the point, I'm delighted with it.

So if I ever start a RT Imperial Guard Army I already have some command structure. But if I ever start any Imperial Guard Kill Team or whatever with new minis, I also have a starting point! It certainly works for me!

PS: Regarding a totally different, but blog-related note, after the Tinypic debacle, I'm slowly working on recovering the whole archives and loading all the pics to Blogger. I'm talking about nearly seven years of pics, so it may take a while. But if you browse through the blog and find that there are no pics showing, don't think I'm neglecting my duties. I can be quite stubborn persevering, so in the end I will recover it all.
Wish me luck!


Brother Shark (Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo)

Today I'm back to the realscale Carcharodons project. I really wanted to finish the Veteran squad, so I've been relentlessly working on that. I still had Space Hulk termies left, so let's see what I've been up to recently.

Firstly, this over the top guy
The pose had something that really unsettled me. I mean, the legs work, the torso works... but what's up with his arms? I mean, he looks like he's stumbling and falling down. I kept as much as I could from the original, but tried something slightly different:

Same mini, I promise
I still think there's something about the pose, butI hope it works better now. After some paint was spilled on him...

...he looked even angrier
Let's go for another Space Shark fella:

Nope. That heavy flamer is totally out of place in this squad. Space Sharks. Pokey pokey stuff, man
Well, that's quite a different thing. OK, you may proceed
This has been one of the most extensive conversions I've done for the project. The sword is from the Grey Knights box, and I really had to make some work to make the arms fit the position. I made some additional work and had to redo some parts after that pic. In the end he's like this:

No, that on the helmet is not a moustache
You can read Mate on the glaive, which is Maori for Death. You know, I cannot resist this kind of details.

But at this point I was missing an important part; every squad needs a Sergeant. So I used the last mini left for that:

Originally a Sarge in fact
Of course that hammer had to go, I insist on the blade theme. Well you can see I even didn't put the shield of the original mini for the pic. The thing with Carcharodons is that they are on the aggressive side, so I wanted to reflect that in the fact of bearing only short ranged firearms and spiky close combat weapons. They come quickly, they strike to tear the enemy apart and take care of little thing else. I think it worked more or less for all the previous minis.
But this time I had this bit I wanted to use so badly. The right arm, coming from my old Raptors army, holding a crested helmet. It may make him look more relaxed and less frenzied, but I couldn't resist to use it.

Still a Sarge!
It may transmit less strenght in the composition, but I'm happy with the result whatsoever.

Face tatoo again!
The breasplate says Nguha, which means War. I'm that original, yup. The Maori fern on the belt, the koru, is a symbol of rebirth and new life; there is a moana on the glaive, a sea symbol.

Little else can be added. I have used all the Terminators from the Space Hulk box, so I have the Captain (this wasn't from the box, but you know), the Librarian, Apothecary and Chaplain, as well as a nine men squad of Veter... wait, what? Nine men?
Nope. 2nd Edition Codex clearly states that any respectable Space Marines unit needs ten men. Hmmm... What can be done...? Oh, of course.


I had this Terminator from my Ultramarines army. I had already made some conversion work back in the day...

There's a head missing, yes. But focus
It was just what I was looking for. Ahem, to be perfectly honest with you, I had spotted the mini for this project ages ago. This mini was going to be part of this squad as soon as I realized I had only nine guys, quite at the beginning of the whole thing.

Conversion work is minimum
Now he looks like one of the guys

Ahhh, much better now :)

So I finally have a Veterans Squad!! Weeeee!!

I really need to create a backdrop for this
Wow. A full manned realscale Space Marines squad. This means something to me, I've been attempting to do this for years. Many years. I am really happy.

What now? I have some Primaris I will use to create tactical squads or whatever. But I also have like tons of bits for realscaling regular marines I've been amassing through the years. I have to think what can I do with them. But that's a problem for the future me. Today I'm calling this a victory and feasting on this sense of closure. Not sure if closure is the word, as this only marks the start of a full army, but you know what I mean... :)