Mechanic grafters

 Though of course the Adeptus Mechanicus does run the monopoly of technology around the Imperium, there is a number of menial works that don't usually draw the attention of a tech priest, nor even a novice. The crews of ships need to have some most basic skills, as not every spaceship in the galaxy can afford to have a Mechanicus Adept on board.

Such certified mechanics thrive all over the galaxy, specially on remote worlds, where the grasp of the Omnissiah is not that firm. Though they can barely do anything more complex than refuelling small vehicles or basic nut-screwing, they are essential for the survival of civilization, as they can patch ships up or make elemental repairings on infraestructure, until a more qualified hand can arrive to take over the situation.

More qualified? I'm the boss here!

In places like the Eastern Fringe, pilots and captains, as well as local dwellers, tend to address these rogue professionals, as they are way more approachable than the Adepts of Mars, or even sometimes they are the only option available in the middle of nowhere. It is said that some of them have amassed knowledge enough through the years to enable them to make more complex works that not always the Adeptus Mechanicus would gladly approve. They might agree to improve your ship... for a price.

Whatever, but I want my ship fixed, I'm in a hurry

They all need to be authorised by the Adeptus Mechanicus to perform their duties, and are usually monitorised by an Adept when available.

However, they can handle minor repairings on their own

Not authorised to screw smaller nuts

I didn't see the point of painting these red or pretend them to be Mechanicus-like or whatever, as I did with these other fellas. They had a totally different vibe, so I painted them in earthy colours:

Come on, people, the client is waiting!

This pic would make much more sense if they were looking at a ship or something

O, fine noblemen, would you assist this errant knight?

These Astropolis minis are a real treat, so expect the rest of them during the next weeks!


World of Twilight: Civilians of Lanakar

It's been quite a long time since I last painted any colourful lizards! About time. These belong to the Civilians of Lanakar kickstarter campaign (somewhat hinted on the title).

The beauty of these minis goes beyond the mere designs (wich are gorgeous), it lays on the very fact that you have the opportunity to paint merchants, travellers, all kind of civilians who populate a normal city (well, lizards in a fantasy setting, sure, but you know what I mean). It's not only about raising armies and painting this uber powerful unit, these shiny armours, those dreadful weapons... It's about creating a whole world and bringing it to life. It's so refreshing that it's always a pleasure to paint these.

Well, but you are here for the pics! Let's start with two carts. Both of them are sweet and the cargo and the wheels are totally interchangeable:

Looks like a heavy thing to travel with

I wouldn't say for sure those are apples

Should I have added a license plate?

Same concept, different thing

Now that I think of it, I think I really should tidy up the background before taking pics

Next one, the Delgon Priest, is another nice mini. I painted the robes brown, looking for some kind of ascetic looking, nothing too flashy. Those are travelling clothes, not ceremonial ones.

I always find this kind of minis confusing. Is he carrying a pet or a toddler?

Now I got you thinking about it too

Just a couple of Enuks next, one with a tiny rider on top!

It's getting more and more difficult to think of original schemes each batch I paint!

The barrel critter made my day. It's a simple design, but it tells kind of a story. It's the kind of mini that gives depth to any scene, just by being there. You sometimes don't need anything else.

Nom nom, I eat, therefore I exist. Nom nom

Martain al Griba is kind of the star of the show on this kickstarter. This time I did want the mini to look garish. This fella is much more than a fishmonger, I really can get a sense of seniority, of luxury. You know, the turban, the rings, everything.

First class fish, I swear

Oh, great, I put my best clothes on today and now they're gonna smell like fish all day long

Next one looks more like an actual fishmonger, with the apron and stuff. He sells octopus tentacles, apparently, so I wanted the sign to say something related. I was pointed out towards this magnificent link, where I found the Anyaral Encyclopedia, the mother of all knowledge World of Twilight. Thanks to that I managed to phonetically write "fresh octopus" on the sign:

Frėsh ohktohpoosh. I hope I got it right

Not a real translation, but a mere phonetic transcription, but I hope it works.

Let's move on! Two tiny furry creatures:

Very Jim Henson like. I love them

A mechanic for the Delgon and a mysterious mini simply called 'the captain'. After some research, I've learned that it was originally designed for a side project related to river boats, but it made it into this KS.

Whatever the case, they both are gorgeous sculpts

I've left this one for the end, the Alora handler. At first it took me some time to figure out what the pose of the mini was depicting, until I realised it needed a leash for the tiny fellas, who were supposed to be running ahead. I put it all on a single base and produced the leashes with green stuff:

So easy to see when you realise, so difficult when you have no clue of what's happening

Just a man walking his dogs!

The final touch are these coins. Apparently they don't have any specific role gaming wise, they can be used as generic tokens. However, I thought it would be nice if I painted them in different colours, so they can mean different things if you need to. If not, they still work as generic tokens.

Numismatics of Anyaral sounds like a nice supplement for the game

Apparently Anyaral officially entered the Eurozone

I think this is all the kickstarter. Quite a bunch of minis! Enjoyable as always and different from the usual stuff, so I'm happy with everything :)

Just a final word; I'm afraid I'll be slowing the updating rate (even more!) for some weeks, and will probably be less active on your blogs. I'll try not to dissapear completely, but I guess it will take me some extra time to answer comments and drop a line about your works. But I'll be watching! :D