9th anniversary!

 Here we are again!

Nine years ago I started a blog. Nine years, wow. Of course nowadays I cannot keep the same updating rate than I used to, but I'm still painting!

This year has been particularly slow. Raising the Suberlings takes most of the time and an unpleasant increase of responsibilities on the job is also alarmingly reducing the hobby time. I guess most of you are quite familiar with this, so what can I say, I'm just another regular guy in his forties!

Whatever the case is, 2021 is the year in which I have the least posts. Gasp! In my defense I'll say that I've been facing quite pharaonic, delusional projects, and I have even managed to actually finish some of them!

Let's keep track of what I've been up with since last November.

It actually hurts me to acknowledge that this project is in a hiatus since November 2020. Dammit:

I really need to resume this!

I've done some good old fashion Rogue Trader adventurers, pirates and so:

I've done a few fun side projects:

I got back to the World of Twilight:

When I talked about delusional projects, I mean stuff like this madness, the Conan KS game:

Still having nightmares from time to time

This project alone took most of my time and sanity points. But seeing it finished gives a sense of closure difficult to explain. Ahhhhh.

I also revisited some Orks:

And I got the privilege to paint this awesome bust:

Real life events moved me to play the only game I've managed to run this year, an intense game of Skirmish Sangin:

 If I didn't have enough with one KS, I also started to paint the other one I had pending for years, the Aliens vs Predator one, which I still haven't finished (the Colonial Marines are coming soon, I promise)

But well, you know, my star project this year has been the huge scratchbuilt monster, the Ork Gargant, Morkstroke:

Remember, it all started like this

One year later...

It's not yet finished, but close to!

This has been my blogging year! So not many posts, but I've tried thay all of them had some juicy content.

My priorities right now are finishing the Gargant and the AvP game. I really need to get back to my mining town board, and I have like tons of old school Orks patiently waiting for their turn. Apart from that, the usual stuff. Projects I started years ago, projects I started months ago, projects I'm about to start any moment :D

I invite you to keep on board, to comment whatever you thing I could/should do to improve the blog and well, just to sit and enjoy! Year ten starting in three, two, one...


Ork Gargant. Da armz

 I may be late for Orktober, but I haven't been idle!

I have finished the arms of the beast (hooray!), and that's quite a milestone in the project. Let's see what we have here:

Ork Gargant arm. Human hand shown for scale purposes only

The other side looks quite similar

I have to look for it, but I know the glyphs really say something, they are not random

Finally, a 3/4 top view. The thing is insanely full of details

You can see I just took the same path I took with the body, obviously. Yellow primer spray and several layers of Iyanden Yellow Contrast. The rest is just regular brushwork. It's deceivingly time-consuming, but it's most definitely an enjoyable work.

Let's go for the other arm:

The same random human hand is shown for scale

I didn't notice I painted a Black Widow glyph until it was late

Moar glyphs'n'stuff!

Really trying to say something

I'm sticking to the Moon theme, as it's a Bad Moon Clan Gargant

Yup, that's a Dreamworkz logo. A moon and an Ork with an axe :D

But... how do the arms look when mounted on the body?

Dun dun dun...

DA GARGANT (Orks on da shoulda for scale)

Side view

Other side view

I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far, but remember, it's not finished yet!!

I still have the banner and the box left!

Whatever the case, the Gargant itself is finished, and I'm enjoying every step. I suspect that the box will be quite a challenge, but that's a problem for the future me. For now I can go full 'Whiiiir' 'Whomp' 'Dakka dakka' 'Blast' 'Die, you hummie!'

Moar stuff comin' zoon!