Monday, 10 June 2013

Some Yelling Orks in yellow

2nd Ed. party hard, as you can see. New things freshly painted, this time just a few Bad Moon Clan Orks.

First of all a Weirdboy and his Minderz:
Watcha mean by 'somethin's happenin' to ur eye'? I'm perfectly OK!

Ork Weirdboyz are the tribe shamans, powerful but uncontrolled psykers, totally crazy as the psi-energy is (sometimes literally) blowing their minds out! They are terribly useful in battle, but outrageously dangerous when living in the tribe, as no one wants to live next to a random energy storm capable of burning your house -or yourself! That's why it's mandatory for Weirdboyz to wear garish clothes (to be seen from the distance) and rattles and bells (to be heard from the distance), so other Orks can run away before random energy bolts or whatever strike them. They also have to live apart from the rest of the tribe, in a shack on the top of a copper mast, in the hope that it acts as a lightning conductor -or something...

Weirdboyz also have to be escorted by 'Minderz', who must keep safe... the rest of the tribe. At least as long as their own heads don't explode for Warp energy exposure! They also usually have to drag the Weirdboy into battle (they don't tend to go on their own will, noise and crowds give them headaches... and that's generally bad...)

Gruk and Kurg, twin Minderz
I didn't use the 'official' Minderz models, I wanted to do something different, so I got these to identical Orks and painted them in the same scheme, with checked trousers, as the Weirdboy. I also made them the same tatoo, but on different sides of their faces. I toyed with the cliche of twins acting the same (that's why the Ork names of Gruk and Kurg -each one being the other name spelled back to front) and those silly details made just for fun.

Specially powerful Weirdboyz are sometimes called Warpheadz. Not that it makes them more reliable
Before anyone says it, yes, I still have to learn what the frak to do with pics, light, shades, burning colours and so...

But I'm giving you some more Orks in Yellow:

The guys who tend to keep apart from the Weirdboy
 Not much left to say, just happy Orks belonging to the Bad Moon Clan, showing their colours with pride. Here you have a close-up of the Nob:

Ugrim Krimsonfist, veteran of Rynn's World war
 Though current Ork models are finely sculpted and allow lots of possibilities, these old ones still have a charm that makes them wonderful in my eyes, much better that the new greenskins.

That's it for today, all your comments are more than welcome :)


  1. Very nice characters , and very good paint detailed .
    Greetings .

  2. Siempre que miro tu espacio me traslado al pasado, y es muy agradable ya no solo por las minis, también por todas aquellas divertidas partidas con grandes amigos.
    Un gran saludo.

    1. Hay un factor nostalgia en todo esto, es indudable. Para mí lo mejor es recuperar ese espíritu de jugar simplemente por divertirse, estas minis me recuerdan mucho a eso.
      No quiere decir que me ancle en el pasado y me niegue a todo lo nuevo, pero esta filosofía que ahora llamamos "OldSchool" trata de revivir ese espíritu perdido, rescatarlo y traerlo a la actualidad con lo que tenemos hoy día.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! :)
      I've just told (in the previous Spanish response) that these minis bring me back to the times when we all played just for fun, nothing else.
      That doesn't mean that I cling to the past and I'm closed to anything 'new', but I believe the so called 'OldSchool' philosophy tries to bring back to life that lost spirit, to rescue it and make it real nowadays, with whatever we have at hand.

    2. An laudable ethos. Thanks for the translation, my Spanish is pretty weak to say the least. I think I'm the same, I like new stuff that comes out occasionally but I want to game like a kid (only this time with a more mature empathy for my opponent!).

  4. They look great! They are definitely rich gitz with too many teef!

  5. Hur hur, indeed dey ar! :D