Monday, 18 November 2013

Zombicide (Pt. 4, first round of Walkers)

After the 'Flashpoint' impasse, here I am back to Zombicide :)

As the title says, let me show you the first round of Walkers. Not heavy conversions at all, just some changes here and there, some of them really slight. This is how the original mini looks like:

Greyscale Zombie
 As with Fatties and Runners, I let one of the minis untouched, only painting it:

Tipical zombie clerk
By adding just a little hair, we have a few combinations:

Rough day at the office, man
You had a rough day? I begun my day with two hands, dude
As you can see I'm not too on the gore style. Maybe a little to remember everyone this is a Z's game, but I'm trying to be not excessive on guts and blood. After all, the wife is also playing the game ;) Non-gamers friends can also be somewhat reluctant to play anything new when all the minis and board look like a maniac's slaughter house :D.

Another one: as I liked the Fattie cop, I just did another:

Have you seen my mate? We went on patrol this morning but things went wild...
And a final one. I took the tie out of this one and dressed him in a t-shirt. A little bit of black humour, I must admit...

Oh, ha, ha. You think my tee is funny. Ha. Ha.
I've worked out a few more (with more creative conversions! These have been dull zombies), so I expect to post them during the week. As soon as I take some pics, I'll tell you. So stay tuned!


  1. Well done Suber , i like the t shirt with mushroom .

    1. Thanks! The obvious reference to '1up' was just too good to let it pass by :D