Thursday, 7 November 2013

Zombicide (Pt.2, Fatties)

The survivors I showed you last monday were nothing but an opener for the game itself and the insanity I'm deep into right now ;). The Zombicide box gives you more than 60 zombies. All the minis are great; superb sculpts, quite dynamic and fine detailed. But (you knew, if I would find a but it would be exactly this one) there are lots of repeated poses. I never suffer two identical minis if I can avoid it, you know. So you can imagine what I was forced to do. Forced, I say.

Yup, greenstuff all over. Today I'll start with the 'fatties' (you'll get the names when I speak of the game; for the moment let's just go for the minis). As you saw on the survivors, Zombicide is designed in a cartoony style, with lots of unconcealed tributes to movies and/or stereotypes, so I just decide to do the same with the zombies and become a little rascal as the game designers were.

The original model
What the frack is this?
And this?
Hum, it looks like they are changing a little, aren't they? ;)

Let's see them painted:

Once again the original guy, no additions
Another mechanics guy
Born Dead to be wild
Z's took the Godfather away from his daughter's wedding, oh my!
Generic geek fat guy
It has NYPD badges on both shoulders. Take my word
Don't know what the hell was I thinking of when I did this guy
Oh, this was necessary. It truly was
After having finished those I came up with some more stupid ideas, like a Santa (well, a guy acting like Santa in front of Macy's or so...) or a merchant seaman, but I had no more fatties and I left them for good.

Hope you enjoy this, I'll take some more pics on another round of zombies this weekend and try to post them on Monday... if Z's don't eat my brains! :D


  1. I love it ! Great work Suber .
    Un gran saludo .

  2. God! the Godfather, scottish and Elvis had to be done, theyre just great. Youve really given a completely different vibe to each of them with this putty work. I'd definitely like to see a WIP od such job.
    Very good.

  3. Very good, good work Suber, they are very but that very curious! A greeting.

  4. Thank you all! I'm finding this exercise quite refreshing. Not being serious at all and doing whatever comes first to mind is terribly fun.
    Unfortunately I'm not keeping pics of my WIP, my bad :(. I'm afraid that's pure anxiety for seeing them finished. The project is currently in a quite advanced stage, but I'll try to take some pics of the progress on those I'm currently working up :)

  5. Those are absolutely fantastic!

    1. Thank you! Glad you like them! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Me encanta tu trabajo, me gustaría tener tu habilidad para poder hacer esas modificaciones.

    1. ¡Jaja, muchas gracias! No tiene mucho misterio, sólo es echarle horas. Estoy aprendiendo la virtud de la paciencia...

  7. For sure the best Zombicide conversion I have seen. Great work Sauber and thank you for the photos

    1. Thank you very much! It's just a fun way of having a personal customized game. It truly deserves it!

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    1. Thank you very much! Thanks for stopping by :)