Monday, 11 November 2013

Zombicide (Pt.3, abomination & runners)

Today's post will most probably be the weakest of all the Zombicide series. Not trying to disencourage you, just being honest :) Why do I say this? Beacuse these will be the least converted minis of all my set. The Abomination simply didn't need any work on it, as it's a single model, and I found the Runners some particularly difficult models to re-sculpt. Let's talk about all of that.

First of all I want to call your attention on a sensible subject. I could talk about the material of the models or the way you should keep them, but I can only advice you don't be as stupid as I was and just varnish your models after painting :(

I forgot to do so and I have experienced some problems with some paint flaking when you take the minis to the plastic trays. Those trays are useful indeed, as they allow you to keep all the game in its box, but they have the inconvenience of plastic vs. plastic graze. I have thought of using foam trays, but space is an issue, and the game trays are too well designed to simply ignore them.

I took a pic of what I'm talking about. Look at the Abomination's forehead:

Look closer (if you dare!)
Apart from that, the model is fun to paint. The camera he's carrying around his neck gave me the idea of painting him as a poor tourist who was in the wrong place at the wrong moment. The yellow shirt with green palmtrees should transmit that idea :P

Runners were tricky to me, as I really couldn't find myself involved with the models, I didn't get enough inspiration, I'm afraid. Let's go for the first round:

Original mini
As with the Fatties, I left one mini unmodified -in this case, the Brazilian supporter ;). The others went on my workbench. The so dynamic pose, though being great, makes it difficult to do anything else, so I could do nothing but minor, slight conversions, or just paint them in different colours:

The guy in the center shows the infecting bite on his leg
Some t-shirts also made sense for me
But hair is always the easiest way to make your minis different
The other round of Runners is represented by this mini:

When I was young, zombies didn't run. Ahh, youth...
Couldn't find inspiration for those either. This is what I got:

The one on the left of the pic is a little overweight -thus the running! Just some putty to make him different
I wasn't aiming for that, but I got a red haired guy dressed just like Fry from Futurama. Totally unintended, promise
Though they look older, they run as fast as the others!
As I told, I'm not fully satisfied with these, they lack the charm Fatties have, but the Muse was not with me when I did them. I thought of having one or two female runners, but I had to do extensive work on hips, breasts, shoulders, face... It wasn't worth of, so I left them all being male runners.

I promise the next round of Z's will be better ;)

P.S.: This weekend I have played a totally non-related game and I really feel I should write some kind of AAR, as I have tons of pics. Probably later this week you'll have some news... ;)

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