Monday, 21 April 2014

Darth Vader

Ha! For sure you expected an 'I am your father' or something for the title! Yeah, I know, I'm that predictable, that's why I have just said the name of the evilest among the evils, the infamous lord of the Sith. Ladies and gentlemen, with all of you... Daaaarth Vaaader!

Err... Not a great introduction, I guess
Once again this is a 72mm. miniature by Knightmodels. You can bet that if the licence was not profitable, it was not my fault!

Easy thing this time, black priming and then for the textures
I worked on greyscales for the pants and leather in general, and black and dark blue for the cloak, armour and  the rest of the clothes.

You can't see a thing here, but you get the idea
Maybe a little better here
Now the Force allows you to see some more...
The pose is great, but the mini has a main design flaw in my opinion, the lightsaber. At some moment you will have to stick a metal bar into the tiny end of the hilt. I really believe the whole lightsaber should be made in one piece.

It looks like I'm a rock star with my micro
I tried to kinda show the light effects coming from the lightsaber on the robes, armour and even slightly on the floor.

I just said 'I tried'
Then it came the dreadful moment. A drop of superglue and just a whisper... 'May the Force be with you...'

It works! Imperial March sounding from the back...
Hey, you thought I would not be able to achieve it? 'I find your lack of faith disturbing'.

The guy deserves a better final pic, doesn't he? Here you have:

Hhhh-khhhhh... Hhhh-khhhhh
Wow! This has been the last of the Knightmodels Star Wars range mini I had! (I still have more stuff from this company, just not SW). The minis are truly lovely, believe me. I have seen some online retailers that still have some minis in their stocks, so I don't refuse the thought of purchasing some more stuff.

But for the moment this is it, I still have too many different pending projects, as usual. Later this week you will begin to see one of them... ;)


  1. Mate I love this.... Especially the awesome red lighting effect!!

  2. Nice execution especially the OSL

  3. Hehe, thank you all! I really enjoyed this one. I'm not satisfied with the lights, but this is all I can achieve in my amateuriness...

  4. Me da penica que el sable parezca doblado... no podían poner algo más rígido?

    Por lo demás un gran trabajo!

    1. El sable es el punto débil de esta mini, me pasa exactamente lo mismo con la de Obi-Wan. Intenté enderezarlo y pegarlo bien, pero es harto complicado. :-/

  5. great job, excellent light effects, each new work of you is better than previous, i cant imagine where are your limit. Congratulations

    P.D. the lightsaber piece is a shame for the company.

    1. Thank you very much! I believe a lightsaber & fist single piece would make much more sense, the actual piece is too weak. Anycase, the model is superb, that always helps :)