Monday, 7 April 2014

Imperial Stormtrooper

Another painting challenge! Today, the iconic Imperial Stormtrooper, present at every corner of the galaxy.

Traditional Kaminoan way of cloning troopers had displeasant side effects
It is a 72mm. Knightmodels miniature, as the others you have seen other times. I always say the same, they were a lovely range, shamefully they dropped the licence.

Now imagine it painted and not this blurry
Though I was tempted to coat it in white, I finally took my chances with grey priming:

What do you mean 'my character is dull grey'?
Then it was just a matter of thin layers of different whites...

You can't see the difference, but there is some white here
...And whites...

Layers and layers
...And even more whites!

Oh! Now some black! What a difference!
By now the mini you see has eight different layers of different tones of white. Yup, I know, you do not see them nor perceive anything. That's my curse. I promise there are eight different colours there, from a light grey-blueish for the deepest shadows to almost a pure white for the highlights.

Close the blast doors! Open the blast doors!
It truly was a challenge, though it may does not look as one!

So another mini for my 72mm. Star Wars collection. This is escalating quite quickly...


  1. I assure it does look challenging to us! Painting white like this has got to be the most challenging thing for non-pros...
    I am amazed to see how you always stay out of the comfort zone and work on such different models and project.
    Really impressive !

    1. Thank you! I always try to do different things, I find it stimulating. The bad thing about that is that I tend to have a hundred different projects at the same time and never finish any of them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! A pity the pics are no good, but I must say it's quite a challenging enjoyable mini.

  3. Pues te lo voy a poner en Español por desentonar XDD

    QUe limpito te ha quedado tio!!! me gusta mucho :D

    Un abrazoooo!!

    1. ¡Muchísimas gracias! Viniendo de un crack como tú es un señor halago :)
      ¡Un abrazo!

  4. You have certainly done justice to the stormtrooper - my all-time favourite Star Wars character - very nice work indeed. =) It is to my eternal regret that I only came to know about Knight Models after their Star Wars license had expired.

    1. Thank you very much! Though it made me sweat I believe it was worth of the work. Should try to take better pics with natural light.
      There are a few e-shops that still have some minis in their stock, don't give up, they are totally enjoyable!

  5. De momento es mi entrada favorita de la liga... Y eso que a pesar de ajustar el monitos sólo he conseguido ver 5 tonos de blanco! ;-)

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! La verdad es que ha sido un reto diferente, un desafío el ir pintando blanco sobre blanco. A ver si le hago mejores fotos con luz natural.