Thursday, 17 April 2014

Project HeroQuest: The baddies (bosses)

Just a few pics today to show you the two big bosses in the game!

The first one is the Witch Lord:

Just a stage name, you can call me Larry
The poor guy needed quite a work of stripping layers and layers of old paint. I first thought of painting some ellaborate pattern for the cloak, but when it came to the actual moment of painting I realized how lazy I really am, so he had to get along with the plain blue clothes. Hey, I painted two yellow stripes down there to break monotony!

The other big bad guy is, of course, the Gargoyle:

Fred the Gargoyle
I also had the thought of painting it in stone colours, but I finally went classic and painted it red, as you can see.

I'm afraid that's pretty much all of it, here you have the two most dangerous baddies of all the dungeon, in their rock stars poses:

Let the public cheer us, Fred, we're gonna be rich and famous
You hear me? Rich and famous, I say
I'm in the process of painting regular bad guys, hordes of them, but I'll be showing them as I finish each group. In the meantime I will go for another change for next week (you know, I just can't keep my mind focused on one single project...)


  1. Looking very nice :)
    I'm looking forward to getting my Heroquest miniatures painted up sometime. I've also been pondering whether to paint the gargoyle like stone or not, I'll see what whim takes me when I'm finally painting it.

  2. Very good, I like the blue metallics on the sorceror. This model has a lot of potential when you see all the versions people come up with.

    Great job again !

  3. Thank you both! Those minis needed a serious repaint, but I haven't spend hours and hours on them, I still have hordes of regular baddies to paint!

  4. Pues a mí me parece que están muy bien. En la última foto se ven estupendos.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Cumplen su función, que es de lo que se trata, así que con eso me conformo :)

  5. I like them, sometime soon I must start painting my two copies of Hero Quest....